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Based on an email of Benoit Grégoire

Wifidog Authentication Server Upgrade

Basically, the recommended process to upgrade the authentication server of a production server in a secure manner is:

  1. Read the Changelog (seriously);
  2. Use sql/ before the upgrade;
  3. Testing (optional, but recommended);
    1. Checkout latest SVN on a development machine (not the same one as your server, unless you really know what you are doing: you need to modify config.php to point to a different DB, and you can't use the restore script directly;
    2. Restore your live database on the development machine. Check if everything seems in order (good tests are loging-in, viewing your most complicated portal and opening the Reusable content library). For a more complete test (especially if you didn't upgrade in months), plug a gateway to your development server and login, and try creating a new account;
  4. Run svn update on your live server;
  5. Go to your auth server home page to make sure the schema has been updated (it may already have been by a random user accessing the auth server);
  6. If the Changelog mentioned dependency changes (or if unsure), start the install script till the dependencies page.