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These are step by step instructions to install an auth server installation on a virgin Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 installation.

Step-by-step instructions

Install prerequisites

up2date postgresql-client postgresql-server
up2date gcc flex libxml2-devel postgresql-devel httpd-devel libtool libpng-devel subversion

Install PHP5 from source

RHEL4 doesn't have a recent enough PHP to run the wifidog auth server. We will have to compile one from source

Download PHP5 sources

cd folder_where_you_downloaded
tar -jxvf php-5.1.6.tar.bz2

Compile PHP with the required options:

cd php-5.1.6
./configure --with-pgsql --with-apxs2 --with-gettext --with-zlib --with-gd --enable-mbstring --with-config-file-path=/etc 
sudo make install
sudo cp php.ini-dist /etc/php.ini

Install the auth server

svn checkout
sudo mv wifidog-auth/ /var/www/

Install auth server external dependencies

Install required PEAR modules:

sudo pear install --alldeps Image_Graph-alpha


tar -zxvf FCKeditor_2.3.1.tar.gz
cd FCKeditor
sudo mv * /var/www/wifidog-auth/wifidog/lib/FCKeditor/ 

Configure apache

In file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:

Add php to the DirectoryIndex? directive:

DirectoryIndex index.html index.html.var index.php

Add the following new directive:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

Change DocumentRoot? to

DocumentRoot "/var/www/wifidog-auth/wifidog/"

Optional: Setup a ssl self signed key

Make sure you don't already have a proper key, this will destroy it!

cd /etc/httpd/conf/
rm ssl.key/server.key
rm ssl.crt/server.crt
make genkey
cd /usr/share/ssl/certs
make testcert
cd /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.key
cp server.key server.key.encrypted
openssl rsa -in server.key.encrypted -out server.key
chmod 400 server.key

Configure postgresql

While Postgres 8+ would be much faster on modern machines, version 7.4 in RHEL4 is sufficient to run wifidog. Add the following line to /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf:

tcpip_socket = true

Add the following lines to /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf:

host wifidog wifidog            md5
local wifidog wifidog           md5

Setup cron jobs

Add the following lines to /etc/crontab:

#Send status emails every two minutes
*/2 * * * * apache /usr/local/bin/php
#Vacuum the database every hour
01 * * * * apache /usr/local/bin/php

Configure the auth server

Go to  http://your_server_adress_here/install.php and follow the instructions.

Remove installation files

Of course, the only one that should have access to the install.php file is you. You will need to move the file "install.php" out of public sight.

1) Go to your wifidog directory (/var/www/wifidog-auth/wifidog in our case).

cd /var/www/wifidog-auth/wifidog

2) Move "install.php" file to the parent directory which is not visible to the public:

mv install.php ../install.php

note that you can move it wherever you want, but make sure it's not public.