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Installing the gateway on a Linksys WRT54G FAQ

Due to the lightness of the Wifidog client it is often installed inside the linksys WRT54G. This is why it has it's own FAQ.

The easy way

You are not comfortable with linux and don't know how to do all this compiling stuff.

You can use an OpenWRT and WiFiDog compiled by someone else. They MUST be compiled for your specific version of OpenWRT. Note that the .ipk packages on sourceforge, or ones you built from source yourself are the only packages we will support. If you use package distributed by another organization, you will have to ask them for support.

(If after attempting to install the .ipk file you encounter an error of "cannot satisfy the following dependencies..." run "ipkg update" then retry installing.

Please note that the above saves you from the knowledge and time needed to compile and produced these binary files. It is however no magical cure for linux illiteracy. You need to be proficient enough in a unix environment to be able to telnet/ssh into the router and perform the outlined installation and configuration tasks. If you do not feel comfortable doing this we advise you consult with someone who is proficient in linux and networking.

Building from source for OpenWRT

See doc/install/gateway