= Wifidog Portal Installation  CentOs 4.2

I want to document using the minimal server distro and the full distro please write manual for centos

yes. =================

Best thing to do on new Repository, like centos when because it is free open source. Today document starts with open source initiative to stand on new platform of technical insertion.

Can you provide details of console in which you engage in the desire of wi-fi. No. Only when we have appropriate userness in the stable version shall we provide "Release Candidate" which touches on the new Paperless Document Standard (similar to XML).

Newer distributions (excepting the arbitrary circular touching i.e. Debian or versions that are circumference outside of all EXCEPT 'Red Hat Enterprise') will be provided lines on dumping MAN pages but with enhancements due to community Participation.

Remember that all changes submitted can be reversed faithfully; though document provided will be "near minimal" on insertion into the NEWER distro, not full, but soon will be close to 60% if similar to Red Hat Enterprise.

(Notation: on CentOS where Red Hat is close but not same, very same document will apply. Otherwise, presume that like brothers, CentOS and Red Hat is O.K. for installation where Red Hat is Enterprise Edition distro Build 3 or 4.)

Upcoming relational for UBUNTU provides for migration near CentOS but we take exception that WiFiDog exposes ports that cannot occur - disregard them in the document.

Let's hope for new "Handbook" on install! Thank you.