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Wifidog Portal installation

Work in progress. More to come : informations, details, tips, debug, screenshots, allouette !

The term Auth-server and portal are used in this guide and mean the same thing.



  • A working web server with PHP5. Apache httpd server is recommended. Using a virtual host is also a good idea.
  • Needed Extentions : pgsql, dom and mbstring
  • Optional Extentions : xml, gettext, mcrypt, mhash and xmlrpc
  • PEAR Extentions : radius, Auth_RADIUS and Crypt_CHAP
  • Additional PHP library : Smarty, MagpieRSS and Phlickr

It is highly recommended to install optional extentions to activate all features of the portal. If you are not sure which extentions are installed, install.php will detect all of them and display usefull informations to help you. The additional PHP library will be automatiqualy downloaded and installed by install.php (if you want them).


A properly configure PosgreSQL server. The install.php script does not apply any special security methods to the Posgresql database server. It is the system administrator's job to grant the right permissions databases access.

Quick Install

  1. Retreive Wifidog Auth-Server sources from CVS (see Download)
  2. In your favorite web browser open and follow instructions to the end.
  3. Set language in config.php
  4. Log in as admin and fill network information, create hotspots and content.

Download the sources

Please go the Download page and follow instructions to retreive the portal sources.



Also install.php is not doing all it might do to help an easy installation (missing language and radius configuration). But it will quickly give you a working portal and you will be able to login as an administrator and customize your network, hotspot, content, users, etc.

Firstly, you need to open install.php in your browser. If try another portal page and the auth-server was not previously configured, your browser will be redirected automaticaly to install.php (detected by smarty missing files).

Follow the instructions on the page to create the wifidog user and database. The command use are at the command line. You can use another way to do this (like  phpPgAdmin)

The first time you open install.php, the script will generate a random password in the file /tmp/dog_cookie.txt. This is only a small security control to disallow remote user to do bad things with fresh auth-server install. The file will will only be the random password, no username are needed.


TODO text


This page detect missing files or missing write permissions. It will give you tips by generating command line to execute to solve these issue (mkdir and chmod command). The command are only generated to help the user and are not the only issue to solve permissions errors.

The navigation buttons (Back and Next) will be available only if the permissions are ok. Hit the Refresh button to update the page status after you did your changes.


Smarty is needed by the auth-server, you are not allowed to skip this installation ... click Next


Depending on your needs, MagpieRSS can be installed or not. It's recommended to install it to activate all features of the portal.


Depending on your needs, Phlickr can be installed or not. It's recommended to install it to activate all features of the portal.

Database access

TODO : screenshot + text

  • Fill in informations
  • Test connection

Database initialisation

TODO : screenshot + text

  • Create DB schema
  • Fill in initial DB data
  • Upgrade schema if needed


TODO : screenshot + text


Not yet implemented. Coding in progress ...


Not yet implemented ...

Admin account

TODO : screenshot + text

By clicking Next you will be redirected to your Wifidog portal page.



Information to Add on :

  • Installation debugging (install.php)
  • Postgresql access configuration
  • Google Map
  • DB backup
  • DB optimization
  • PHP tuning ?
  • MySQL ?
  • Auth-server Admin quick configuration (Network name, support email, etc)
  • PHP config file (php.ini) recommended settings