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Added page to compile wifidog on airos

Wifidog on Ubiquiti products

 Ubiquiti products are more and more used for different purpose installation. Although openwrt may run on it, they have their own version of the firmware, AirOS, based on openwrt and adding some useful tools.

Unlike openwrt, AirOS does not have a package manager, and since most of its file-system is read-only, we need to build the firmware with wifidog in it to have wifidog running on airos.

1- Get the latest wifidog source code tarball from  sourceforge and copy it to the ~/dev/wifidog directory

2- Get the wifidog airos package directory

cd ~/dev/wifidog
tar xvzf wifidog_airos.tar.gz

If compiling from source, this directory is located in wifidog/contrib/airos

3- Download the airos SDK from and copy it to the ~/dev/airos directory

4- Untar the SDK and prepare the files

cd ~/dev/airos
tar xvjf SDK.UBNT.v5.2.tar.bz2
cd SDK.UBNT.v5.2

cd openwrt/package
ln -s ~/dev/wifidog/airos/wifidog/ 
cd ../dl
ln -s ~/dev/wifidog/wifidog-20090925.tar.gz

cd ../..
patch -p1 < openwrt/package/wifidog/files.patch

5- Prepare the wifidog.conf file for your network, since airos is readonly, changes to the config files cannot be done in the router

cd ~/dev/airos/SDK.UBNT.v5.2/openwrt
mkdir -p files/usr/etc
cp package/wifidog/files/wifidog.conf files/usr/etc/wifidog.conf

6- Edit the files/usr/etc/wifidog.conf file for your authentication server settings. Also the GatewayInterface? may need to be changed if you are not using a SOHO router configuration (eth0 for SOHO router, ath0 for router)

7- Make the os

make world V=99

8- Your new image should be available in the openwrt/bin directory as XM.v5.2....bin