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added IE bug information

To install the Node Viewer, simply copy the nodes directory located in the .tar.bz2 file to the root of your wifidog auth server.

Edit the config.php file for your database settings then visit  http://authserver.tld/nodes to view.

There is a screenshot attached below.


Live feed of current online users and node status for each node. Click on any node and it will give you a list of connections for the past 24 hours with the user id, mac address, # of times connected in period, data in, data out, and time online. You will also get a short summary of the node.

There is a data period selection at the top, you can view data from 24 hours back to 1 year back.

Everything is "ajax"ified, and the data will update automatically every 10 seconds. The layout will also dynamically adjust to your screen size to show you the most for your real estate. No more having to scroll down 100 nodes like /node_list.php


I still need to fix the time online data, and the user id. Currently the time online isn't showing up correctly and the user id is not joining the actual user name, only the user id.

Feel free to modify it any way you please, it is really great for me to keep an eye on things with.

Page does not layout correctly in IE, this is due to their slow adoption of the CSS3 standard. Unlikely that I will ever *fix* this issue.