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    2121> acv: This ideally should be optional I think. 
    2222>> philippe: my idea is to replace the main logic of deciding who should be kicked out, allowed in, FW rules, QOS, by a call from the auth server. That way the gateway is "waiting" for commands, and just executes them, keeps the code small, clean but still flexible. Of course, if we want to support people who want to run without an auth server, we'll need to add a lot of code to do all that decision on the gateway too. It could be as simple as using the JSON "status return" packet as the configuration file, so we have one unique parser (and leave the "should be connected now" clients out.), but we'd still need to re-implement client timeout, etc. I think coding a simplistic auth server in C to run in parallel on the same box would be a better option to keep things standard and not try to accomodate all setups. 
     23>>>acv: A stand alone auth server in C isn't too bad of an idea. Certainly removes a lot of my objections. 
    2324 * QoS support 
    2425 * Versioned and more standard protocol 
    8384> acv: How big of a library footprint does JSON have in KB (Non-issue-ish it seems, 36KB on osx 10.5 no funky dependencies)? What about PHP support (Requires PHP 5.2.0 for availability in a default install)? 
    8485>> philippe: Right, it's pretty small. We could do our own parser, but why reinvent the wheel for a few kb's?. Also, since there are other efforts to code an auth in other languages, I think we kind of need to go with a standard encapsulation like JSON this time. I'm a big XML fan myself, but that would be too much (size of lib, etc. again, unless we make our own parser...). 
     86>>> acv: Expat isn't too bad as library goes for XML parsing. I've used it before as long as you don't mind working with a stack it's fast and simple. 
    8688> While I find it ugly to look at compared to YAML, JSON looks viable if a dependency on either PHP 5.2.0 or optional PHP5 module is OK. Library looks like it should build OK for C (sort of loath to get the whole libhttpd problems though).