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Client Protocol

This page describes the messaging between the wifidog client and auth server once a user has been validated and permitted access to the internet. It is client level messaging and not node level as described in the Server Heartbeat.

Periodically the wifidog client will start a thread to report the status of each user connection. Currently this is used to reporting incoming/outgoing counters for each user, and to show that the user is still connected.

The following message is sent for each connected user


In response the auth server will respond with a valid status, and a new user message, or an auth server error.

The format of the response should be:

Auth: <number from user status list>

The new user status can be:

0 - AUTH_DENIED - User firewall users are deleted and the user removed.
6 - AUTH_VALIDATION_FAILED - User email validation timeout has occured and user/firewall is deleted
1 - AUTH_ALLOWED - User was valid, add firewall rules if not present
5 - AUTH_VALIDATION - Permit user access to email to get validation email under default rules
-1 - AUTH_ERROR - An error occurred during the validation process

auth server errors do not currently change firewall or user status.

Custom versions of the auth server set auth_DENIED when they wish to timeout a user, or close a node etc, to force the user to be terminated.