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    9292Modify your Apache Server configuration file (httpd.conf) and replace "AddDefaultCharset on" whith "AddDefaultCharset utf-8". 
     96== '''Errors running the install.php script. (This follows the "Database access configuration" page)''' == 
     98With error logging turned off, you'll get a blank page... and the install script simply "hangs." 
     99(The next steps help confirm that this is the "right" solution.) 
     101If you turn on error logging by: 
     103here's how to turn on php error message display so you can debug problem. 
     105In php.ini (in FC5 most likely located at /etc/php.ini) enable the 
     107error_reporting = E_ALL  
     108display_errors = On 
     110This will display any error encounter in you browser window.  
     113Anyway, the error return you get (when you re-run the "install.php" and get to the "hang" screen) will be something like this 
     115Postgresql database connection : 
     116Warning: pg_connect() []: Unable to connect to PostgreSQL server: FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user 
     117"wifidog" in /var/www/html/wifidog/install.php on line 1062 
     120The problem is related to PostgreSQL security. One ideally ought to study up on the security system employed by PGSQL, but this will also fix the problem. Be aware that it might create security issues on different systems depending on your database configuration and such. (Again, learning about the security model will help make sure your box stays secure!) 
     122Edit the pg_hba.conf file (On different distro's there may be several versions of this file in different locations. Make sure you edit the correct one!) 
     125#TYPE     DATABASE          USER            IP-ADDRESS             SUBNET MASK               METHOD 
     126host      wifidog           wifidog              md5 
     129Where the IP address matches the IP address of the machine connecting to the PGSQL server. ( works if the PGSQL server is on the same box as the web-server that's running WiFiDOG.) 
     131Restart the PostgreSQL server to load the new settings. (I use /etc/init.d/postgresql restart - though that's probably not the best way - it does work however.)