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     1Original author: gbastien 
     2This explains how some groups have implemented the Terms of Service page for their networks.  It is planned to be integrated in the future as part of Wifidog, but until then, groups can use one of those strategies. 
     4Feel free to contribute and/or add your scenario if you implemented the TOS any other way. 
     6Created: September 10, 2009  
     8= Adding Terms Of Service to Wifidog = 
     10The following terms of service scenarios have been handled 
     12== Scenario 1 == 
     14Extract of Dave Lamb's email (september 10, 2009) 
     16I handled it by using the HTMLeditor plug in to create an HTML "Terms of use page" that is added to the reusable content library.  I included language that says "By Creating an account and logging in to this network you, the user, are agreeing to the terms of use listed here in." and then continue to list the terms of use.  Then I placed that content on the Login page for the Network. 
     18Granted the user doesn't have to click a seperate check box to accept the terms, but by placing this on the login page, they are accepting the terms each time they login by the act of logging in.  Which is nice because if your terms of use change, they're automatically accepting the new change the next time they authenticate. 
     23 1. A way to show the TOS when and where needed (here on login page) 
     24 1. A way to support multiple languages for the TOS 
     26== Scenario 2 == 
     28Patch by Stephanie Junguené found in #17 
     31 1. A way to add a disclaimer page before a user can create a new account 
     32 1. A static smarty template form containing the text of the TOS, that allows the user to check a box to explicitly agree to the TOS 
     34Note: The TOS itself in this patch is the GPL.  It should be rewritten to match your group's.