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Added a rough draft of what is done for adding content


After the auth server is setup, login with the admin account and create a new node. Put in all the information pertaining to your node.

At the bottom of the node setup page, it asks about node content:

Display Page is what pages you want it displayed on. Portal will display on the page shown after logging in. Login will display on the login page, and Everywhere will put it everywhere in the wifidog gateway

The area column describes what area of the page it will be put in. This is pretty self explanatory.

Finally, there is the content. LangString? is text. This is the main type used in this howto. Now click Add, and then select Edit for your newly created Langstring.

In the Title category, Add a trivial String. Select your language, put in the title name and click Add New String. Do the same for the other categories your interested in.

At the bottom, select your language, and put the content you want to show (with any html tags allowed). Click Save String.

Now go back to your node configuration and add any other content you want in the Same way.

For a picture, process is the same but instead of content being text, you browse for a picture, and then upload it.

* TODO Needs examples for other content types *

* Setting up non default networks