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    13= Getting Started! = 
     5The aim of this document is to provide you with enough knowledge to setup the auth server successfully. eventually this will probably be integrated with hover help 
    38== Definitions == 
    5 === Network === 
     10=== Network ===  
     11The management interface for a group of nodes with a common user list and portal 
    613=== Node === 
     14Nodes are defined as a single installation of the WiFiDog Gateway and is usually referred to as a hotspot. 
    716=== Virtual Host === 
     17The fully qualified domain name for a server also containing a google API key which can be sourced from [] 
    819=== Authentication Parameters === 
     20The way in which a network handles its users, this can be with the local database, radius, LDAP or no user list. 
    1023== single network Setup with 1 node == 
     24for the moment, please see [] 
    1327== Multiple networks with many nodes == 
     29=== Creating a new network === 
     30Go to Network Administration > Add a new Network on this server. 
     32You will need to add a Network ID (A unique identifier - this should contain no spaces or special characters) e.g. MyFirstNetwork   
     33then click "Create Network". 
     35You will now need to enter details about the network 
     37==== Information about the network ==== 
     38Network name - a Friendly name for the network, the website on where the site will be hosted e.g. "" 
     40Technical support email - a support email address e.g. "" 
     42==== Network Authentication ==== 
     43Network authenticator class - for the moment, please leave this as "AuthenticatorLocalUser", more advanced methods will be   
     44explained in another document. 
     46Authenticator parameters - Please enter the same name as you did for Network ID encased in single quotes e.g. 'MyFirstNetwork' 
     48==== Network properties ==== 
     49Is this network the default network? - GOOD EXPLANATION NEEDED!!! 
     51Theme Pack - At the moment there is only one theme pack which controls the look of WiFiDog, Please see   
     52[] for information on how to create one. this option can be left   
     53blank for the moment. 
     55==== Network's node properties ==== 
     57Splash-only nodes - Are nodes allowed to be set as splash-only (no login)? 
     59Portal page redirection - Are nodes allowed to redirect users to an arbitrary web page instead of the portal? 
     61==== Network's user verification ==== 
     63Validation grace period - The length of the validation grace period in seconds. A new user is granted Internet access for this   
     64period check his email and validate his account. the default is "1200" which is 20 minutes. 
     66This will be the from address of the validation email - e.g. 
     68Multiple connections - Can an account be connected more than once at the same time? 
     70==== Access rights ==== 
     71In this area you can define people who will be able to manage this network using the "Edit NetworkNameHere". the username of the person must already exist, this can be done by clicking the "Create new account" in the top left hand corner. 
     73==== GIS data ==== 
     79Zoom level - use a value from 1 to 20 finding the right zoom to encompass all of your nodes. 
     81Map type  
     84=== Creating a new node === 
     86Go to Node administration > Add Node 
     88You will need to enter a Node ID (A unique identifier - this should contain no spaces or special characters), Address details,   
     89geographical information and a small amount of options.