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Added table of needs

Zap stands for Zone d'accès publique (public access zone) and the Zap Stack is everything necessary to run a wireless community. Wifidog is just a piece of this stack. This page is intended as a reference to help people build their community. Existing communities share what they use on their systems.

In Quebec, the Alliance des Communautés sans fil du Québec has a project to build a full stack of software tools, ready to deploy by a new community or be used by existing ones. This page is also a work base for this project, and anyone is welcome to share here.

Wireless Toronto

by gabe shawney

I dunno exactly what the Zap Stack is, but I like the idea of us sharing tips on all the stuff around WifiDog which we use to run our networks. Here's Wireless Toronto's "stack"; I hope it helps to get us started:




  • dns hosting at
  • IVR hosting for phone-based end-user tech support
  • voip service for IVR hosting
  • server monitoring

Zap stack user stories

by Alexis Cornellier and from the page TNG

  • Firmware should update automatically and remotely. Even if maintenance may be necessary after update
  • Wifidog config should be hosted on the server instead of on the router, so that changes can be done easily
  • It should be possible to show statistics to hotspot owner so he can see the evolution of the service
  • A monitoring system should be available so acces point behavior can be monitored over a long period
  • a QOS system should be put in place
  • Support several modes: Authentification, Agreement et Content+Redirect
  • Development of a geolocation API for session/content/context
  • Integration with open source CMS for portal pages (via plugins): Wordpress is first candidate (Drupal and Pylons are considered) (see WifidogAPI for a discussion on the api)
  • Doc. the stack : Auth Server (hub), Gateway (node) and CMS (api)
  • Exploration of MESH and other hardware and integration with meshing protocols and management.
  • Ability to group nodes in different ways (several nodes per "hotspot", serveral hotspots in a group, overlaping groups, etc.).
  • Federation
  • Ability to use MySQL (database abstraction)
  • Reporting (to hotspot owners)

Technological needs / Besoins technologiques

The following table attemps to synthesize and prioritize those user stories.

Le tableau suivant résume les besoins et les priorités qui peuvent être extraits de ces user stories.

Scale/échelle de priorités

+++: Essential / Essentiel
++: Important / Important
+: Nice to have, but can wait a little while longer / Intéressant, mais peut attendre encore un peu

No need to go to all hotspots to update firmware, but the organisation still decides what must be updated or not. Ne pas avoir à se déplacer pour faire des mises à jour des firmwares, mais l'organisation décide quand même des updates qui doivent être faits ou pas. +++
Every config should be controlled remotely, not just wifidog (network, wireless, etc) Pouvoir tout contrôler à distance, les configs, pas juste wifidog, mais tout (réseau, wireless, etc) ++
Everything must work on the APs actually in place (like WRT54G), so all additions must not use too much processing power Tout ça doit fonctionner sur le hardware en place actuellement, donc ne pas demander trop de puissance de calcul supplémentaire +++
Everything should be monitored remotely (with a nice dashboard) Pouvoir monitorer à distance ce qui se passe sur le réseau (avoir un beau dashboard) +
Hotspot owners are not just cafes anymore, but community centers, parks, etc. Installations are getting more complex and they could be made easier by using different technologies like mesh. Les propriétaires de hotspot ne sont plus que des cafés, il y a des gros centres sportifs et communautaires, des parcs. Les installations sont plus complexes, il faut pouvoir faciliter ce type d'installation en utilisant différentes technologies comme le mesh. ++
Network management policies should be editable per hotspot/node/group? (throttling, bandwidth, abuse control, etc) Permettre des politiques de gestion de réseau par hotspot/noeud/groupe? (throttling, bandwidth, abuse control, etc) +
Information/content/news can be shared between wireless communities, in a province or worldwide (federation) Possibilité de partager de l'information/contenu/nouvelles entre communautés sans fil, du Québec, et du monde (fédération) +