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Welcome to Wifidog's Web Site

The Wifidog project is an open source captive portal solution. As such, it has three main functions:

  1. Location-aware delivery of internal or external content
  2. Authentication and authorization
  3. Centralizaed network monitoring

Most of the contributions to its development came from wireless community groups, so this is the model with the most support. However, Wifidog has an extremely generic design. As such, it is now used by several other types of organizations. With relatively small amount of development it can also be used for many other business models.

You may also be interested in seeing some of the community wireless groups, WISP's, universities, and private businesses currently using Wifidog across the globe, and who worked on developing Wifidog.

If you want to keep up to date on the project we strongly suggest you look at the timeline

Contributing to the web site without getting caught by the spam filter

You need to make sure you have an active session on the wiki. To open one:

  • Click "Settings" in the top right corner
  • Fill in your Name and your email address if they aren't there already

Unless you are trying to add a large number (>10) of external links in a page, you should be fine.

I have questions or I need help

If you have a questions about the Wifidog project, they may be answered in the FAQ.

If not, please read how to get help or report a bug to increase you ods of getting a satisfactory answer.