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     1= Development Sprints = 
     3> gbastien: This is a tentative approach to wifidog development.  Let's see how it works for some time and if anything can be improved.  Comments are welcome. 
     6To keep up to date with development, we will do monthly sprints, the output of which will be a dated stable release of the auth server AND gateway. 
     10== Calendar == 
     12Here's the calendar for a monthly sprint: 
     14 * '''Last friday of the month (R-day)''': Date of the official dated release 
     15 * '''Week before R-day''': [wiki:TestGuidelines testing blitz].  No patches will be accepted unless they are related to a ticket solved in this release or they are critical to the stability of the software. 
     16 * '''Friday before R-day (C-day)''': All patches must be committed or posted 
     17 * '''Last R-day to C-day''': Development time.  Developers publicly commit themselves to fixing bugs or developing features. 
     19== Participate in the sprint == 
     21Sprints allow people to publicly commit themselves to solving a ticket before a certain deadline.  In order to participate in the sprint,  
     23 1. Pick a ticket in the [ trac] (or [ create a new one]) and assign it to yourself. 
     24 1. Add the ticket and yourself to the sprint page: 
     25        a. Navigate to the appropriate spring page (for a realistic deadline, remember C-day is the important date) 
     26        a. Choose the sprint you want to participate in 
     27        a. Click on the edit button for this page 
     28        a. Under the section ''Tasks'', add the ticket number and your name. Eg.   
     29                #1 by foobar[[BR]]#54 by barfoo 
     30         That is your public committment to resolve it! 
     31 3. Get to work! 
     32 3. When you are done, either post the patch on the ticket or commit the code and add a mention that you're done on the Sprint page 
     33        #1 by foobar DONE[[BR]] #54 by barfoo 
     35Should anyone fail to produce a patch before C-day, it's ok, it's not the end of the world.  But some tickets do need solving, so any difficulty should be discussed with other developers.  If you just don't have time to resolve it, then remove your assignment from the ticket so someone else can take it up. 
     37Note: it is always possible to solve a ticket without commiting to a certain sprint.  In that case, do it the usual way, as stated in the [wiki:Contribute contribute] page. 
     41== Sprint pages == 
     43 * [wiki:Sprint0909 September 09] 
     44 * [wiki:Sprint1009 October 09] 
     45 * [wiki:Sprint1109 November 09] 
     46 * [wiki:Sprint1209 December 09] 
     47 * [wiki:Sprint0110 January 10]