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Testing Wifidog

Every new release of wifidog, gateway and authentication server must be tested to make sure everything still works and no new bugs have been introduced. Even if the developers are really careful not to mess anything, Murphy's law applies to wifidog as well...

Testing wifidog has two different meaning here:

  • Test blitz: Test blitz is an intensive test phase that takes place a few days before a release candidate is officially released. It insures that no fatal bug has emerged from the latest development and the new release is correct.
  • Normal testing: Someone can just get the latest code from svn or latest release and play around with it in a non-production environment.

The following applies to the test blitz.

How test blitz will work

Before any official release, an invitation will be made for a test blitz. This call will be made on the  mailing list so if you are interested in participating, make sure you are registered.

To participate in the test blitz, get the latest release candidate and start testing! To get started, follow the list of scenarios described on this page.

Testing FAQ

Q: Why do you need me?

Wifidog is a highly customizable tool and there are so many ways we may use it that developers can't possibly test all of them every time. That's why we need help.

Q: What do I get from it?

Everyone uses wifidog in different way, so most likely not all the possible test cases will have been executed. By participating (or having someone in your community participate) in this phase, you make sure that the latest release of wifidog works for your specific configuration.

Q: So if I find a bug, there will be no release?

Not necessarily. Only fatal bugs that cause an evident misbehavior will kill the release. Though a non-fatal bug found in this phase may not postpone the release, at least it can be documented that the new release does not work in a specific case. The sooner the bugs are tracked, the sooner they will be fixed!

Test scenarios

Here are the main scenario to test for in any wifidog configuration:

The system must work as expected ie according to your environment's configuration.

  • A user authenticates to the network
  • An unauthenticated user tries to reach the network
  • A user does a bad authentication
  • More to come