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    4343 * Ability to use MySQL (database abstraction) 
    4444 * Reporting (to hotspot owners) 
    45  *  
     49Thoughts snipped from Rob Jone's email on the listserve: 
     51"First of all, in order to ramp up the development of V2, or even finish 
     52V1, we need to get more people to: 
     53  a) send in more patches 
     54  b) aid more in the testing of what has been achieved. 
     56Also, we need more people with development skills in the following 
     58 * a) Graphic Design: I have worked hard to make the GUI more appealing and easier to understand, but I am no graphic designer by any means. Also I feel that I have received no feedback on the changes that have been made, so I can't continue to improve what I have already done.  
     59 * b) Scripting: If someone could script the setup of WiFiDog auth, so that it makes sure all of the perquisites are installed, creates the necessary folders if they don't exist, and invokes install.php, for as many distributions as possible, I think that both the current community and new members will be most grateful 
     60 c)More ideas and concept GUIs for easier navigation of the auth server, I have always thought that there should be a tree view on the right-hand side which drills down by Server > Networks > Venues > Nodes, with the view being restricted by permissions. 
     61  d) Documentation Writers: All the information is there, it is just hard to find what you need, this needs to be compiled and corrected, also lots more developer documentation would make it easier for people to get involved. 
    4765Information about related tools on