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    8989Portals — Content Management & Social Networking 
     94Widely used content management system with strong community features. 
     95Relevance: Tool for portal pages. 
     100Widely used content management system that is easy to hack on. 
     101Relevance: Tool for portal pages. 
     106BuddyPress is a suite of WordPress plugins and themes that transforms WordPress MU into a social network platform. 
     107Relevance: Supports WP as a tool for portal pages. 
     112Flexible Python web framework 
     113Relevance: Someone from the Wifidog community is already running a captive portal implementation based on Pylons. 
     115Hotspot Module for Drupal 
     118The Hotspot modules provides integration between Drupal and captive portal access controllers. Currently, only CoovaChilli, an open-source access controller (based on ChilliSpot), is supported. With CoovaChilli configured to use this module within your Drupal site, your portal becomes the captive portal of your wireless (or wired) network. 
     119Service providers 
     125CoovaAAA is a free Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting service. You can use this service with WPA/WPA2 Enterprise WiFi routers or captive portal hotspots - pretty much any device or application that supports RADIUS. 
     126Using the Coova HotSpot Facebook application, you can now use Facebook as your captive portal landing page and have yourself and your friends automatically logged in. CoovaAAA also supports OpenID authentication. 
     131Plugin for dashboard to use CoovaNET/CoovaAAA. 
     133Chillifire Hotspot Software 
     136GPL code for the paid "ChilliFire" hotspot service. Think it's client software. Also "Chillifire Wireless Repeater Software 
     140A commercial and free (I think) service. Support both Chillispot and CoovaChilli. 
     143A commercial hotspot system. Support both chillispot and CoovaChilli. 
     145A commercial hotspot system. Supports only their own proprietary access controller software required on the router.  
     146Wireless Orbit 
     148A commercial hotspot system. Supports CoovaChilli among other RADIUS based access controllers. 
     152Commercial package that provides hotspot management, user billing and a nice web dashboard. Custom firmware for Broadcom and Atheros routers. $2000 for a full license, or $190/month hosted solution. Firmware based on CoovaAP and open-mesh. The platform is said to be based on pfsense and some question it's open-source licensing and compliance.  
     155Similar to wifi-cpa with questionable open-source licesning and compliance.