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    4949WiFiDog, nodogsplalsh, m0n0wall, and others use iptables for initial HTTP hijacking and a server process to handle login and accounting. WiFiDog uses HTTP status updates, whereas I believe m0n0wall does RADIUS from php code.  
     57Nightwing allows the creation of fast deployment wireless networks and without the need to make complicated configurations that allows the extention of the network. From the implementation of a Mesh technology called B.A.T.M.A.N, Nightwing allows the extention of Wireless Network with the simplicity of adding devices and that works with a minimal human intervention. 
     58It uses Accton-chipset hardware (open-mesh, Meraki, FON) and Wifidog. 
     60Open-Mesh (hardware) 
     63Open-Mesh creates ultra low-cost zero-config, plug & play wireless mesh network solutions that spread an Internet connection throughout a hotel, apartment, neighborhood, village, coffee shop, shopping mall, campground, marina and just about anywhere else you can imagine. 
     64We provide all the components you need: routers, indoor wall-plug and outdoor housings and free hosted  
     65/ control software. You can set the bandwidth users get, design your own splash pages, and even easily add billing and user management options via several third-party solutions. 
     67OrangeMesh (dashboard) 
     70OrangeMesh is a network management dashboard for ROBIN wireless mesh networks. It provides powerful network status visualization tools and a centralized network configuration for your networks. And it's specifically designed for community wireless networks, with tools to help manage community members and to grow your network organically. You don't have to install OrangeMesh to run a ROBIN network. You can use the free hosted dashboard available at, the default dashboard for ROBIN nodes. If you ever decide to run your own dashboard server with OrangeMesh, you can do that later: both dashboards can be used together. 
     75ROBIN is an Open Source mesh network project. It spreads a wired DSL internet connection throughout an apartment complex, neighborhood, village or school, and work on a variety of commonly available, low-cost Atheros AP51 routers such as: Open-Mesh mr3201a, Meraki Mini, La Fonera, Ubiquiti LS/NS and others. 
     76All you need is power-on the devices and connect atleast one of these (gateway node) to a DSL uplink/router so that all others (repeater nodes) can share Internet connection via the open AP and the private (WPA-PSK protected) AP. 
     81The OLSR daemon is an implementation of the Optimized Link State Routing protocol. As such it allows mesh routing for any network equipment. 
     82It runs on any wifi card that supports ad-hoc mode and of course on any ethernet device. OLSR is next to AODV one of the main two internet standards for mesh networks. It is widely used and well tested. (currently the recommended option on 
     89Portals — Content Management & Social Networking