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    11This page serves as a touchpoint for jobs offered in the context of wifidog. 
    3 Here's a first draft for the technical lead job offer for wifidog (in french for now, easier for me --SylvainCarle) 
     3Here's a first draft for the technical lead job offer for wifidog. 
    5 ---- 
     5== Français == 
    77L'Alliance des Communautés Sans-Fil du Québec (ACSF Qc) offre un poste de lead technique pour le projet wifidog. 
    2626SVP faire parvenir votre CV ou profil LinkedIn à avec 1-2 paragraphes qui présentent votre vision, motivation et pourquoi vous êtes le candidat idéal. 
     28== English == 
     30The Alliance des Communautés Sans-Fil du Québec (ACSF Qc) is offering a contract position as technical lead for the Wifidog project. 
     32The contract will last for 5 months and is based on a bank of hours for a defined period of time. 
     34The following tasks will be part of your responsibilities: 
     36 * As a Systems Architect, you must work with the Architects of other regions/organizations 
     37 * Principal maintainer of Wifidog - revise all submitted patches and integrate to the base code 
     38 * Work with the technical leads of different regions to administer the development teams and their patches 
     39 * Follow the tickets on Trac and work with the community of volunteers for any needs/bugs to resolve 
     40 * Develop new features and corrections in C and PHP 
     41 * Sufficiently document the process and existing code 
     42 * Past experience in open source is essential - you should be Google-able : ) 
     43 * Bring new good ideas to the table, have lots of energy and be diplomatic 
     44 * Be positive and full of good will but also realistic and pragmatic 
     45 * Know how to respect deliverable due dates 
     47The budget is 15,000$ and we estimate an average hourly rate of 50$ for around 300 hours of work in total, 60 hours per month on average. We estimate the work load to be higher in the June, July and August, therefore you should be easily available during this time. 
     49Please send us your CV or your LinkedIn profile to with 1-2 paragraphs about your vision and motivation for this project along with why you would make the ideal candidate.