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     3Feel free to contribute and/or format better  
     5= Getting Involved = 
     7So you want to get involved in the development of wifidog.  There are many ways you can do so from the least to the most technical 
     9== Report a bug / ask for a feature == 
     11Use the [ trac system] to report the bugs you meet while using wifidog.  Also, if you feel something is missing and would like to see some additional functionality, you can also open a ticket for it.  Before submitting a ticket, search through the trac to make sure the same ticket hasn't been opened before.  Make sure you understand the [wiki:TicketBestPractices ticket best practices] when posting a ticket.   
     13== Write documentation == 
     15There is never enough [wiki:doc documentation].  You can write new documentation or update the existing one.  If you used wifidog in an original way or tested it with different systems than those already listed in this wiki, we are interested to know about it and it might help someone else. 
     17== Become a tester == 
     19Before we make a new official release, the release candidate will need to go through some testing to make sure nothing is broken in the code.  We need manpower to do this, not necessarily coders, just people interested in trying out our brand new versions and who have a little technical background!  More information on the [wiki:TestGuidelines test guidelines page]. 
     21== For developers == 
     23Here is how to get started with the development of wifidog, either the authentication server or the gateway. 
     251. Get the latest [wiki:Download source code] from svn  
     272. Look in the  [ trac] and pick a ticket you would like to address (or [ create a new ticket]).  The trac system is our main development tool.  '''Every patch must be linked with a ticket''', or else it will be refused.  This way, we know exactly what the patch does and what need it addresses. 
     293. If you do not have access to svn commit, attach your patch to the ticket.  A patch can be created by running the following command in the root of the project 
     31        svn diff > wifidog_patch_ticketno.diff 
     33wifidog_patch_ticketno.diff is the patch file that will be attached to the ticket. 
     35Additional notes on the ticketing system can be found in [wiki:TicketBestPractices the ticket best practices page]. 
     38=== Rules === 
     40 * ''Commit small, commit often'': This way it is easier to integrate all the changes. 
     41 * ''Divide and conquer'': If a ticket is too big to solve in one small patch or breaks too much of the code, divide it in smaller ticket that can each be addressed separately.  The effort can thus be shared between developers.  If it's impossible to do... well... nothing is impossible, let's discuss it in the [ Wifidog Mailing List]. 
     44=== Specific forks === 
     46You may have made changes either to the gateway or authentication server to address your own needs that are/were not expressed in tickets and now want to contribute back your code so that it can be reviewed, discussed and integrated in the trunk.  If you can't do this following steps 2 and 3 above, come see us in the [ Mailing List], we may open a specific branch for you to put your code in until it can be merged with the trunk.