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How to get help

First, try to get all relevent information about your setup and current symptoms, including (if applicable):

  • Your Wifidog client version (ipk and WHERE YOU GOT IF FROM or which version you compiled it from)
  • Your server SVN revision (run "svn info" in your wifidog-auth directory to get it)
  • Gateway config if the problem is with the gateway (wifidog.conf)
  • Wifidog gateway output messages (command : wifidog -f -d 7), for the period covering startup till you reproduce the problem.
  • PHP error messages (make sure you set PHP to display them by setting "display_errors = On" in php.ini)


First, look if your question is already answered by

Checking the FAQ

Searching the Wifidog Web Site

Click on the Search link in the menu. This will also search in all documentation and bug reports.

Searching the Wifidog Mailing List

Contacting the Wifidog developers and other users

  1. You can ask a question on our IRC channel: #wifidog on If you do not have an IRC client already, you can  login to the chatroom by using  Linux-Québec CGI:IRC page (select #wifidog channel and choose a nickname). Your are very fortunate that some developers are in the channel 24h a day. HOWEVER, their presence doesn't mean that they aren't sleeping, or otherwise busy. Usually all questions on IRC are replied to eventually, but it may take several hours. This is the best forum for "I don't understand this" type of questions.
  2. Subscribe to the  Wifidog Mailing List and ask your question there. The advantage of the mailing list is that it reaches a much wider audience (hundreds of people). However, you must provide as much context as you can if you want to have a useful and prompt answer. Include all error messages you see and any relevant information about your configuration (OS, network topology, etc.)
  3. Meet some of the developers at  Île Sans Fil meeting in Montréal, Québec, Canada (more beer drinking than coding meeting)

Reporting a bug / making a feature request

If you find a bug or would like to suggest new features in Wifidog (auth-server or gateway) please fill a new ticket. While you are welcome (and encouraged) to discuss the ticket on the mailing list, a ticket really is required if you expect your bug to be fixed or feature added by the developers. Also, you really should read this document to be more effective and know what to expect once you write a ticket. Please DO NOT USE THE TICKET SYSTEM TO ASK FOR SUPPORT (or to ask questions), use the mailing list or IRC for that.