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     3= The Wifidog Captive Portal = 
     5The Wifidog project is a complete and embeddable captive portal solution for wireless community groups or individuals who wish to open a free Hotspot while still preventing abuse of their Internet connection. 
     7The Wifidog project was started by [ Île sans fil] and is currently [ in production]. Existing captive portal solutions were either almost impossible to embed ([ NoCat], which relies on perl, GnuPG , OpenSSL), or only designed to display disclaimers with no access control at all (!NoCatSplash and others). Wifidog is designed to have optional centralized access control, full bandwidth accounting, node heartbeating and local content specific to each hotspot. It does not rely on a javascript window, so it works with any platform with a web browser, including PDAs and cellphones. It is developed in C to make it easy to include in embedded systems (It has been designed for the Linksys WRT54G, but runs on any recent Linux platform). A typical install only takes 30kb on i386, and a fully functionnal install could be made in under 10 kb if necessary. 
     9The portal suite is mainly an authentication server coded in PHP running with Postgresql database. On the other side, the wifidog gateway connect to the auth-server for directive based on information submited by users in one of the hotspot. All administration/logical stuff are in the authentication server and the gateway is only playing with gateway firewall rules to allow or deny the users access. 
     11== The Developers Team == 
     12 * Philippe April <> 
     13 * Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux <> 
     14 * Benoit Grégoire < 
     15 * Max Horvath <> 
     16 * Pascal Leclerc <> 
     17 * Mina Naguib <> 
     18 * François Proulx <>  
     20[ Picture] of some of the WiFidog developers in the Linux Journal article. 
     22More details soon (if your name is missing please add it)