18:30 Ticket #710 (Performance issues) created by gbastien
The ILike queries introduced with network case-insensitivity are really …


08:57 Ticket #471 (PATCH: libhttpd crash on invalid HTTP headers) reopened by gbastien
The fix applied for this bug was done in a "if" block starting with if …


15:58 Ticket #501 (PATCH: Bug in fw_iptables.c (version 1.1.5)) closed by gbastien
fixed: Fixed in [1454] I meant to say the band-aid still yells, but I spoke too …


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12:09 Sprint0310 created by gbastien
March sprint
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03:54 Ticket #709 (Add the possibility to log iptables rules) created by jean-philippe.menil@…
It can be usefull to log some traffic who's match some specific iptables …


09:19 Crawdad created by gbastien
creating a page about crawdad
09:13 Ticket #705 (Anonymised data export improvements: node information) closed by gbastien
fixed: Added in [1453]. Two reports are generated
09:12 Ticket #706 (Geolocate nodes, but do not display on map) closed by gbastien
fixed: Added in [1453]. Checkbox in the node edit screen.
04:27 Ticket #708 ((Empty Langstring) displayed in td.user_ui_main_content) created by Matthias Wobben <matthias@…>
When I create a new Langstring (same with HTMLEditor) in the first table …


13:59 Ticket #707 (Use error codes instead of error messages) created by gbastien
In many pages, error messages are passed to and from functions in the form …


13:51 Ticket #706 (Geolocate nodes, but do not display on map) created by gbastien
Right now, if we do not want nodes to be displayed on the map (because …
13:48 Ticket #705 (Anonymised data export improvements: node information) created by gbastien
A second file should go with this one containing information on the node …
13:25 Ticket #689 (SQL error when deleting user role) closed by gbastien
fixed: The error has been corrected in [1438]
11:39 Ticket #704 (Need to be super-admin to view statistics) created by gbastien
Even though there is a role of NETWORK_PERM_VIEW_STATISTICS, one needs to …


13:53 Ticket #703 (offline package not available) closed by networkfusion
invalid: Please use the mailing list.
13:31 Ticket #703 (offline package not available) created by nicoxdev
hey i need the offline package of wifidog please dou you have a mirror
12:02 Ticket #702 (Wifidog installation problem) closed by gbastien
invalid: Are you trying to compile the gateway? For what kind of machine are you …


21:58 Ticket #702 (Wifidog installation problem) created by uzumaki
Hello guyz!!! I have a problem when installing the wifidog..it said …
17:56 Ticket #701 (Delete content from gui, does not delete) closed by gbastien
fixed: Yes indeed, I forgot an integrity constraint. It has been fixed in …
11:04 Ticket #623 (Update the website template) reopened by fsheedy
Still have CSS problem with the main menu
10:36 Ticket #700 (Fix CSS layout pour Trac de dev.wifidog.org) closed by fsheedy
duplicate: Replying to Robin Jones: > There is already a ticket open …
10:01 Ticket #701 (Delete content from gui, does not delete) created by dorin.vlas@…
I have added, then succesefuly deleted some Trivial, after that I get this …
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14:25 iPhone created by scarle
14:16 Ticket #700 (Fix CSS layout pour Trac de dev.wifidog.org) created by sylvaincarle@…
Le menu est tout croche.


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ajout (diff)


16:19 Ticket #699 (Send id and password via email/sms) created by scostantini@…
Hi, i have a question: i'd like to make a captive portal where a guest can …
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added streaming details and some topics (diff)


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Add myself in the list (diff)


21:24 Ticket #698 (Access denied via mac address) created by info@…
If a user provide a false email address deliberately many times …
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