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I want to contribute to Wifidog icon
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I have questions or I need help icon
18:33 Ticket #612 (Radius fails in various ways if there are spaces in the authenticator ...) created by steven.kurylo@…
Depending on where you put a space in the constructor, radius fails in …


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16:07 Ticket #611 (Developer's documentation: the content management) created by gbastien
Document / complete the documentation on what files / classes are involved …
16:06 Ticket #610 (Developer's documentation: node and network administration) created by gbastien
Document / complete the documentation on what files / classes are involved …
16:05 Ticket #609 (Developer's documentation: authentication, user administration, usage ...) created by gbastien
Document / complete documentation on what files / classes are involved in …
12:42 Ticket #537 (wifidog redirection issue) closed by gbastien
worksforme: There are additional dependencies for kamikaze 8.09 and up: …


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11:14 Ticket #608 (Only allow login if there is over 10% of the abuse control window yet) created by benoitg
Otherwise, people can reconnect immediately, only to be disconnected …
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separation of tasks between gw and as (diff)
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attempting to add content back from google docs to the wiki


10:10 Ticket #606 (search by mail in user manager tab) closed by benoitg
invalid: Duplicate of #604 (which you opened), which was closes as it's already …


14:34 Ticket #607 (manually change user email that is attach to an account) created by Alexis Cornellier <alexis.cornellier@…>
At ile sans fil, we got some demand about changing an email on a user …
14:32 Ticket #606 (search by mail in user manager tab) created by Alexis Cornellier <alexis.cornellier@…>
on the user manager tab, i can search a user by his user ID but i can't do …


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14:22 Contribute created by gbastien


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18:56 FAQ edited by papril
test (diff)
15:15 Ticket #599 (Out of date dependencies) closed by gbastien
15:14 Ticket #588 (install script can't be accessed on windows) closed by gbastien
fixed: Quick fix using sys_get_temp_dir() function. Works only for php version …
11:59 Ticket #605 (RECOVER ADMINISTRATOR) closed by networkfusion
invalid: run install.php again... it will keep your current database intact.


07:40 Ticket #605 (RECOVER ADMINISTRATOR) created by anteloviera@…
Got a hotspot working, by mistake, delete the administrator, so now can …


15:21 Ticket #603 (install script can not access schema.sql) closed by benoitg
duplicate: #602
15:18 Ticket #604 (search by mail in user manager tab) closed by benoitg
worksforme: It already is (Search by username or email)
00:24 Ticket #604 (search by mail in user manager tab) created by Alexis Cornellier <alexis.cornellier@…>
Here in montreal, we often receive email from user saying that the service …


17:06 Ticket #603 (install script can not access schema.sql) created by bhamwireless@…
[…] database is created successfully as 'wifidog', user created …
17:05 Ticket #602 (install script can not access schema.sql) created by bhamwireless@…
 upload css [ http://www.pharmacieenfrance.fr
13:58 Ticket #601 (Allow user admins to initiate (re-)send of (validation) account details ...) created by Norman Graziani <normang@…>
When editing a particular user, it would be helpful for support purposes …
13:52 Ticket #600 (This is a test ticket) closed by scarle
worksforme: Works well.
13:50 Ticket #600 (This is a test ticket) created by scarle@…
I will close it after, it's to test how easy it is for unregistered users …


13:55 Ticket #599 (Out of date dependencies) created by gbastien
Some dependencies are outdated, or some url have changed: - JPgraph: …
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15:10 Ticket #598 (15468) created by li@…


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