12:53 Changeset [1414] by benoitg
* Experimental fix for #596
09:55 Changeset [1413] by benoitg
* Experimental fix for #596
08:58 Ticket #393 (DB schema problems) closed by benoitg
fixed: Ok, you have a path problem, which has nothing to do with this bug. …


23:46 Ticket #393 (DB schema problems) reopened by jakawan@…
I get the same message and have no idea how to fix it. Any suggestions? …


13:50 Ticket #596 (Time-based Abuse Control Window not working properly) created by anonymous
Hi, I wanted to post this here because I couldn't find any other ticket …


15:50 Ticket #595 (where to download?) closed by networkfusion
invalid: The Trac is for bug reporting and feature requests only. Please use the …
14:09 Ticket #595 (where to download?) created by bill@…
Hi, I am not sure what i need to download or where? I want to try the …
13:23 Changeset [1412] by benoitg
* Send denied event to the gateway if the token isn't found, but not …
13:21 Changeset [1411] by benoitg
* Send more explicit eror messages to the gateway in case the token isn't …


14:14 Ticket #526 (WifiDog will not stop redirecting we browsers!!) closed by networkfusion
14:10 Ticket #583 (Can't Create User) closed by networkfusion
fixed: [1408]
12:42 Changeset [1410] by networkfusion
* Forgot to add the new geocoder classes to SVN!
12:35 Ticket #458 (Problem with spaces at network name) closed by networkfusion
fixed: [1409]
12:35 Ticket #436 (Patch: GMaps Postal Code Search tool doesn't work anymore) closed by networkfusion
fixed: [1409]
12:34 Ticket #417 (PATCH: Find a person by their Email address) closed by networkfusion
fixed: [1409]
12:25 Changeset [1409] by networkfusion
* Addded New Geocoders Yahoo and Google. * Geocoder now defaults to google …
07:32 Ticket #579 (Changing Default Sign-up Messages) closed by networkfusion
invalid: Please use the mailing list or IRC for general help.


10:57 Ticket #119 (Online Users page : Undefined index) closed by benoitg


18:42 Ticket #594 (Add a percentage of the sliding window before the user can connect back) created by jsedgwick@…
Otherwise, the user is disconnected, but car re-login immediately (to be …
10:30 Changeset [1408] by benoitg
*Correct really stupid bug I probably introduced in late night bug fixing. …


11:43 WikiStart edited by anonymous
02:42 WikiStart edited by anonymous


12:22 Ticket #550 (Authentification radius wifidog auth) closed by benoitg
11:44 Ticket #423 (Redirection problems with Kamikaze) closed by benoitg
duplicate: Ok, so this wasn't wifidog bug after all. And openwrt has fixed it in …
11:40 Ticket #591 ((fw_iptables.c:116) iptables command failed(162) ... chain name too long ...) closed by benoitg
duplicate: #515
11:32 Ticket #527 (Wifidog Gateway - Segfault in libc-2.7.so) closed by benoitg
duplicate: Duplicate of #471
10:26 Ticket #405 (I've run wifidog gateway, but the display error is ...) closed by benoitg
10:04 Changeset [1407] by benoitg
Fix workaround if gettext isn't installed (was included too late)


21:36 Ticket #417 (PATCH: Find a person by their Email address) reopened by benoitg
Unfortunately, the patch caused problems with detecting if it is the …
21:34 Changeset [1406] by benoitg
Revert last commit
21:21 Ticket #417 (PATCH: Find a person by their Email address) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [1405], thanks for the patch
21:20 Changeset [1405] by benoitg
FIx #417. Patch by Robin Jones
19:50 Changeset [1404] by benoitg
Remove parameters from toString() magic method (abused the method, and …
16:54 Ticket #460 (LDAP with Wifidog) closed by networkfusion
invalid: you need to change them within the network administration screen in the …
16:25 Ticket #520 (How to connect LDAP Directory Service to Wifidog) closed by networkfusion
invalid: Please use the mailing list or IRC for help.


11:00 Ticket #530 (iptables v1.4.1.1: Bad mac address `00:1') closed by benoitg


17:09 Ticket #593 (Cannot create "admin" account during install.php using Google Chrome) created by td-bailey@…
When you get tot he screen where you enter the admin account details, …
13:24 Ticket #530 (iptables v1.4.1.1: Bad mac address `00:1') reopened by anonymous
Hey everyone, I'm sorry to have to re-open this ticket as it seems like a …


15:48 Changeset [1403] by benoitg
* Fix bug that prevented editing user profiles (was introduced in [1339]).
08:57 Ticket #592 (Additional Fields in User registration -- Local authentication) created by ravindra_b@…
Hi, While exploring the wireless authentication software, I have come to …


15:04 Ticket #591 ((fw_iptables.c:116) iptables command failed(162) ... chain name too long ...) created by poolborges
excuse my English[[BR]] "iptables chain name" must be under 30 …
10:05 Ticket #590 (Status Page) closed by benoitg
03:25 Ticket #590 (Status Page) created by dinesh_nadeera@…
Both gateway and authserver work fine. Problem is …
00:16 Ticket #589 (Logging Time and Log out) created by dinesh_nadeera@…
In my network i give 10 minutes to each user(in gateway server), after …


08:36 Changeset [1402] by benoitg
Add more explicit error output to signup.php in the search for #583


19:02 Ticket #496 (Support Windows Server 2003 Active Directory LDAP Authentication) closed by networkfusion
duplicate: See #543 as it contains a possible solution for this.
18:51 Ticket #530 (iptables v1.4.1.1: Bad mac address `00:1') closed by networkfusion
01:13 Ticket #588 (install script can't be accessed on windows) created by Paul
unable to create administrator previous ticket 384 did not solve my …
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