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10:28 Ticket #551 (Always redirects to portal on OpenWRT) closed by benoitg
worksforme: Actually, just like normal linux where you are supposed to run the init …


20:14 Ticket #557 (Redirection and possible authentication issue) created by chris.chester1@…
Hello to the Wifidog community We are setting up a captive portal for our …


12:08 Ticket #556 (WiFiDog does not work when qos-scripts is running on OpenWRT 8.09) created by aaronz@…
I am trying to use QOS Scripts and WiFiDog together on a WRT54GL V1.1. …


17:33 Ticket #555 (Wifidog won't staying logged in when using WIndows 7) created by support@…
As per title, when using firefox or internet explorer, after about 3 - 5 …
00:00 Ticket #554 (practica) created by marcosx <viajero_as@…>
desearia implentar wifi dog agradeciria su ayuda para realizarlo


14:08 Ticket #552 (Time Zone) closed by benoitg
worksforme: Indeed, there is no other way because of the way PHP works.


14:28 Ticket #553 (Can we bind wifidog with LDAP to synchronize users?) created by lucj.deschenes@…
I work at the Ministère santé et service sociaux we are looking for a way …
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04:06 Ticket #552 (Time Zone) created by jonnyt@…
Hi There, In the stats page, for the connection logs, the timezone is …


00:47 Ticket #551 (Always redirects to portal on OpenWRT) created by jonnyt@…
I followed the instructions on your OpenWRT page (The easy way using the …


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08:58 Ticket #550 (Authentification radius wifidog auth) created by ginji
Hi all, I'd like to make an authentification for my wifidog auth server …


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