07:13 Ticket #539 (WiFidog won't work properly for clients routed from other subnets) created by neo
Hi guys, I'm running wifidog on openSuSE 11.1 x86. Everything is working …


11:33 Ticket #538 (WRT54G V.5 DD-WRT Installed) created by Helene Gauthier <webmaster@…>
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04:16 Ticket #537 (wifidog redirection issue) created by mengjian@…
wifidog not redirect to portal page. root@OpenWrt:/tmp/log# …
04:15 Ticket #536 (wifidog redirection issue) created by mengjian@…
wifidog not redirect to portal page. root@OpenWrt:/tmp/log# …


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04:48 Ticket #535 (IRC communication) created by Plus46
I believe best practices stipulate to utilise the IRC chat for assistance. …
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14:44 Ticket #534 (Sign-up not working with greek locale) created by strzol@…
When greek is selected as language "Sign-up" button does nothing. With …


16:04 Ticket #533 (Pass all traffic when gateway cannot reach auth server) created by andrewhodel@…
A few times I have had an auth server go down even though the Internet is …


12:56 Ticket #523 (Dual wireless network) closed by benoitg
12:55 Ticket #525 (typo) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [1390]
12:55 Changeset [1390] by benoitg
* Fix #525
12:46 Ticket #528 (Smoothwall and Wifidog) closed by benoitg
invalid: Dealt with on the mailing list. This was not the right place.
12:44 Ticket #529 (Url not working) closed by benoitg
12:41 Ticket #488 (function arp_get() in firewall.c cannot parse lowercase mac's from ...) closed by benoitg
fixed: Actually, this was also broken in Ubuntu Intrepid. Fixed in [1389]
12:39 Changeset [1389] by benoitg
* Fix #488 and #493 (arp_get() in firewall.c couldn't parse lowercase …
07:21 Ticket #532 (iptables problem) created by neo
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21:39 Ticket #531 (Connected client but not internet access) created by bobby@…
I have a smoothwall 3.0 polar running wifidog 1.1.4 on the purple …


02:34 Ticket #530 (iptables v1.4.1.1: Bad mac address `00:1') created by anonymous
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02:05 Ticket #529 (Url not working) created by anonymous
when trying to access the auth server my url will not connect: …


04:09 Ticket #528 (Smoothwall and Wifidog) created by sephirothxraven@…
I have installed wifidog on smoothwall firewall Polar version, and I have …


15:42 AuthenticatorLocalUserNoSignup created by hotspotmegabit.pt


02:43 Ticket #527 (Wifidog Gateway - Segfault in libc-2.7.so) created by jean-philippe.menil@…
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17:17 Ticket #526 (WifiDog will not stop redirecting we browsers!!) created by Jason
Hi, this is probably not a bug in the program, but more something I am …


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16:19 Ticket #525 (typo) created by danny@…
Hi, You have a small mistake in file - wifidog-msg.html please change …
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