08:53 Ticket #504 (Fatal error when trying to connect to Internet) created by wh@…
I am trying to run wifidog on Lenny with a MSI mother board, 1.8Ghz …


07:14 Ticket #503 (Offsite login fails with multiple networks) created by maikel@…
When having a server setup with 1 network, all works correctly. After …


07:58 Ticket #502 (PATCH: Error using ssl and non standard port 443) created by v_w_us@…
If you configure the auth manager to use SSL but the port is not 443, it …


06:40 Ticket #500 (how to limit user acountd) closed by networkfusion
invalid: Please use the mailing list.


16:28 NetOwners created by kmai@…
Definition of NetOwner?


15:53 Ticket #501 (PATCH: Bug in fw_iptables.c (version 1.1.5)) created by Piero
Finally I understand why the gateway leaves a user to be connected while …


09:37 Ticket #500 (how to limit user acountd) created by Ahmet DÜLGAR <dulgar@…>
hi i am new at wifidog ,i dont know how to learn more feature about …


16:31 Ticket #497 (Allow symbols to be used in long usernames and passwords for local DB ...) closed by networkfusion
worksforme: Closing due to more information from the reporter.


01:42 Ticket #499 (Allow Multiple Networks / Security Groups, and a security / firewall ...) created by Scott E. Barasch
It would be nice to have the ability to allow multiple firewall rule …


15:50 Ticket #498 (Portal index.php has missing '{') closed by networkfusion
fixed: fixed in [1387]
15:49 doc/developer/MACBlacklisting edited by Robin Jones


05:53 Ticket #498 (Portal index.php has missing '{') created by The_Anomaly
When viewing portal/index.php it crashes with the error 'unexpected '}' on …


11:04 Ticket #444 (Language locale on install.php hangs and does nothing) reopened by anonymous
I have the same issue. The platform is openSUSE 10.2


22:29 Ticket #497 (Allow symbols to be used in long usernames and passwords for local DB ...) created by Scott E. Barasch
22:17 Ticket #496 (Support Windows Server 2003 Active Directory LDAP Authentication) created by Scott E. Barasch
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