23:10 Ticket #494 (Client not hitting auth server) closed by networkfusion
invalid: Please use the mailing list for help on this issue as it doesn't seem to …


19:02 Ticket #494 (Client not hitting auth server) created by sean.shannon@…
Any idea what is going on? # wifidog -f -d 6 [6][Thu Jan 1 00:12:07 …


19:40 Ticket #382 (add green background to node UP status report) closed by networkfusion
fixed: Implemented in [1363]


17:22 Ticket #493 (Wifidog 1.1.5 fails on kernel created by jch@…
The attached patch is needed for wifidog to find out the MAC address of a …


14:11 doc/install/debian/auth-server edited by benoitg
14:10 doc/install/debian/auth-server edited by benoitg
14:09 doc/install/auth-server edited by benoitg
14:07 FAQ edited by benoitg
Correct infor about postgresql (diff)
14:05 Ticket #492 (Bad schema) closed by benoitg
fixed: Should be fixed in [1362]


14:21 Ticket #492 (Bad schema) created by btaber@…
I just checked out the latest wifidog-auth, and the schema is bad, when I …


20:49 Ticket #489 (I need to recovery my passsword od admin) closed by benoitg
invalid: It's actually rather complicated to do for the original admin account. The …
20:45 Ticket #490 (Add an optional additional security setting via a PIN number) closed by benoitg
duplicate: That's password of the day on …
20:44 Ticket #491 (CS 1361 Cannot get to Portal Page) closed by benoitg


19:57 doc/install/ubuntu/auth-server edited by anonymous
Update date was wrong (diff)
19:55 doc/install/ubuntu/auth-server edited by Jarrod
Postgresql 8.1 can not be downloaded updated the apt-instal, also typo in … (diff)


22:07 Ticket #491 (CS 1361 Cannot get to Portal Page) created by dondruce@…
Trying to go to Portal page, I get the following Error report. …


17:45 Ticket #490 (Add an optional additional security setting via a PIN number) created by dondruce@…
We have several Libraries on our network. Recently abuse was detected by …


20:24 Ticket #489 (I need to recovery my passsword od admin) created by anonymous
Hi, I need your help, I lost my password for administration of WiFidog?, i …


16:23 Ticket #488 (function arp_get() in firewall.c cannot parse lowercase mac's from ...) created by anonymous
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12:14 Ticket #487 (Smarty fails to install) closed by networkfusion
fixed: Committed in [1361]


13:17 Ticket #487 (Smarty fails to install) created by cristian@…
Due to a change in the domain of smarty from smarty.php.net to smarty.net, …
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