21:25 Ticket #474 (Allow email sub-adressing blocking to be turned off) created by gabe@…
From one of our (Wireless Toronto) users: I just tried to create an …
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Dynamic abuse control is now implemented (diff)


06:27 Ticket #473 (token is not URL encoded when sending to auth server) created by wichert@…
When logging in something the wifidog gateway unescapes the token, but the …


23:18 doc/developer/TokenArchitecture edited by benoitg
Update (diff)


09:47 Ticket #472 (PATCH: Error parsing outgoing traffic in iptables_fw_counters_update()) created by rgmarelli@…
Hi, it seems that there is a formatting error when parsing outgoing …
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Spelling (diff)


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16:53 NoCatSplash created by anonymous


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error catch… (diff)


20:59 Ticket #419 (Timed base users) closed by networkfusion
duplicate: Not at the moment, this is already a feature request for 2.0
20:48 Ticket #361 (Wifidog on web host) closed by networkfusion
fixed: Install script has undergone a major overhaul, It may be worth trying …
20:37 Ticket #468 (Node Id & Network ID confusion) closed by networkfusion
invalid: Dealt with on the mailing list.
20:34 Ticket #467 (Unable to connect PS3/Wii etc to WiFi Dog with authentication turned on) closed by networkfusion
duplicate: Putting this as duplicate as technically already a feature request and …
20:31 Ticket #470 (How to whitelist a full range of MAC Address's?) closed by networkfusion
07:54 Ticket #471 (PATCH: libhttpd crash on invalid HTTP headers) created by anonymous
In libhttpd/api.c, line 532 you write: cp = index(buf,':') + 2; …


08:31 Ticket #470 (How to whitelist a full range of MAC Address's?) created by james.freeman@…
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