20:59 Ticket #419 (Timed base users) closed by networkfusion
duplicate: Not at the moment, this is already a feature request for 2.0
20:48 Ticket #361 (Wifidog on web host) closed by networkfusion
fixed: Install script has undergone a major overhaul, It may be worth trying …
20:37 Ticket #468 (Node Id & Network ID confusion) closed by networkfusion
invalid: Dealt with on the mailing list.
20:34 Ticket #467 (Unable to connect PS3/Wii etc to WiFi Dog with authentication turned on) closed by networkfusion
duplicate: Putting this as duplicate as technically already a feature request and …
20:31 Ticket #470 (How to whitelist a full range of MAC Address's?) closed by networkfusion
07:54 Ticket #471 (PATCH: libhttpd crash on invalid HTTP headers) created by anonymous
In libhttpd/api.c, line 532 you write: cp = index(buf,':') + 2; …


08:31 Ticket #470 (How to whitelist a full range of MAC Address's?) created by james.freeman@…
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Document can be provided with Community if particiapte. (diff)


07:07 Ticket #290 (Installation error: unexpected T_ARRAY) reopened by ujwalkhairnar25@…
Hey man what is the solution of above problem???? Tell me.......…


06:01 Ticket #469 (NAT should be active before running wifidog gateway) created by v_w_us@…
NAT/masquerading rules must be active before launching wifidog gateway. …


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A good start… (diff)
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outline of the document
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document for things like setting up your first network and virtual hosts … (diff)
08:18 Ticket #468 (Node Id & Network ID confusion) created by yogesh@…
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04:10 Ticket #467 (Unable to connect PS3/Wii etc to WiFi Dog with authentication turned on) created by james.freeman@…
I'm working for a property management company and require some urgent …


11:05 Ticket #466 (Running several instances of wifidog gateway) created by v_w_us@…
Hello, We want to run our wifidog gateway server listening to several …


11:49 Ticket #465 (PATCH: immediate disconnect feature) created by wichert@…
As I mentioned on the list I have a need for immediate disconnect feature. …
10:23 Ticket #464 (Make use strings are NUL-terminated after strncpy) created by wichert@…
If the source is longer than the output buffer strncpy(3) will not …
06:45 Ticket #463 (Secure the status page) created by wichert@…
The gateway status page is readable for everyone at the moment. This has …
04:20 Ticket #462 (manual logout does not validate token) created by wichert@…
The manual logout feature currently does not authenticate the token. This …


16:44 Ticket #461 (Simple pie dependency broken) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in 1349. Simplepie removed a stable branch from their SVN. Why on …
14:08 Ticket #461 (Simple pie dependency broken) created by Robin Jones
Error: Command did not complete successfully (returned 1): svn: URL …


11:52 Ticket #459 (Problem with radius extension) closed by networkfusion
10:51 Ticket #460 (LDAP with Wifidog) created by tmogli
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08:10 Ticket #459 (Problem with radius extension) created by tmogli
I've problems with the extension "radius". At the installation, where it …


11:17 Ticket #455 (SQL query error just installing wifidog-auth) closed by benoitg
invalid: Ok, closing
02:14 Ticket #458 (Problem with spaces at network name) created by anonymous
I've created a new network with ID "PFC Network". Wifidog gave no error, …


19:08 Ticket #376 (Allow configuring the page shown when the gateway is unable to contact ...) closed by acv
fixed: Patch #453 effectively addresses this.
19:06 Ticket #453 (Make gateway HTML configurable) closed by acv
11:13 Ticket #452 (Add const specifiers to LibHTTPD) closed by acv
10:40 Ticket #457 (manual logout vs idle-timeout logout behavioural differences) created by wichert@…
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10:23 Ticket #456 (autogen.sh tries mipsel builds on *all* parameters) created by wichert@…
autogen.sh takes parameters, which it passed on to configure when it runs …


06:01 Ticket #455 (SQL query error just installing wifidog-auth) created by anonymous
Hello, I've followed all steps to install auth server, but when …


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