11:52 Ticket #459 (Problem with radius extension) closed by networkfusion
10:51 Ticket #460 (LDAP with Wifidog) created by tmogli
 paste javascript [ http://www.pharmacieenfrance.fr


08:10 Ticket #459 (Problem with radius extension) created by tmogli
I've problems with the extension "radius". At the installation, where it …


11:17 Ticket #455 (SQL query error just installing wifidog-auth) closed by benoitg
invalid: Ok, closing
02:14 Ticket #458 (Problem with spaces at network name) created by anonymous
I've created a new network with ID "PFC Network". Wifidog gave no error, …


19:08 Ticket #376 (Allow configuring the page shown when the gateway is unable to contact ...) closed by acv
fixed: Patch #453 effectively addresses this.
19:06 Ticket #453 (Make gateway HTML configurable) closed by acv
11:13 Ticket #452 (Add const specifiers to LibHTTPD) closed by acv
10:40 Ticket #457 (manual logout vs idle-timeout logout behavioural differences) created by wichert@…
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10:23 Ticket #456 (autogen.sh tries mipsel builds on *all* parameters) created by wichert@…
autogen.sh takes parameters, which it passed on to configure when it runs …


06:01 Ticket #455 (SQL query error just installing wifidog-auth) created by anonymous
Hello, I've followed all steps to install auth server, but when …


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16:11 doc/developer/WiFiDogProtocol_V2 edited by acv


11:25 Ticket #454 (wifidog DB) created by anonymous
Hi all, I have a big problem. Every user in my network can register …
11:14 Ticket #350 (Auth-serv installation error) reopened by okemakizito@…
hvaing a problem with this error: Parse error: parse error, unexpected …
07:55 Ticket #446 ("make dist" is not defined in trunk/wifidog/Makefile.am ?) closed by benoitg
07:53 BadContent edited by benoitg


11:50 Ticket #453 (Make gateway HTML configurable) created by wichert@…
I've created a patch which makes the HTML used for the error and status …
10:47 Ticket #452 (Add const specifiers to LibHTTPD) created by wichert@…
Attached is a patch that adds const where useful to the function …
06:32 Ticket #451 (generate random users / delete account) created by anonymous
Hi I want to add these features to wifidog. 1)I want a generator of random …
06:04 Ticket #450 (multiple connection problem) created by anonymous
Hi, I have a problem. I explane my situation...An user "test" is connected …


22:49 Ticket #449 (LDAP appears to fail with Windows Server 2003 Active Directory) created by adb.support@…
 paste css [ http://www.pharmacieenfrance.fr
11:08 doc/developer/WiFiDogProtocol_V1 edited by wichert
Document incoming and outgoing are only valid for counters messages and … (diff)


23:29 Ticket #442 (Add/Remove user) closed by networkfusion
invalid: Invalid / Duplicate #443
23:28 Ticket #443 (Display 'create a free account' only when logged as administrator) closed by networkfusion
invalid: You will need to use the permissions API as defined in …
23:23 Ticket #447 (LDAP) closed by networkfusion
invalid: Please use the mailing list as found in WiKi? > Contact Support. this …
23:08 Ticket #325 (Install.php doesn't validate initial wifidog password properly) closed by networkfusion
fixed: Fixed in [1343]
20:30 Ticket #342 (Allow ',' on authentification parameters) closed by benoitg
fixed: Applied in [1342]
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Week-end brainstorming (diff)


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Added pictures (diff)
12:30 outlooktemplate.JPG attached to doc/developer/NetworkOpenHours by networkfusion
An example of MS Outlooks interface
12:30 openhoursadminGUI.JPG attached to doc/developer/NetworkOpenHours by networkfusion
A prototype of the admin page
12:29 openhoursGUI.JPG attached to doc/developer/NetworkOpenHours by networkfusion
A prototype of the user page
12:25 doc/developer/NetworkOpenHours edited by networkfusion
Heavily updated documentation for open hours design (diff)


19:51 Ticket #448 (Deny rules in FirewallRuleSet global can't REJECT) closed by benoitg
duplicate: They are indeed inserted in two places, as documented in the firewall map. …
15:18 Ticket #448 (Deny rules in FirewallRuleSet global can't REJECT) created by papril
FirewallRuleSet? global { …
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13:59 Ticket #447 (LDAP) created by aaron@…
Hi, im having a problem with setting up LDAP on wifidog to work with AD, …
11:57 Ticket #446 ("make dist" is not defined in trunk/wifidog/Makefile.am ?) created by anonymous
Hi. I followed the instruction in trunk/wifidog/README.openwrt - option …
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