08:03 Ticket #426 (Language mix up) closed by benoitg
invalid: Yes, either: * Stop modifying the HTML in the templates and use the …


21:15 Ticket #426 (Language mix up) created by dondruce@…
When I switch from French to English on our authentication pages, the …


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08:30 Ticket #425 (Using Profile on admin produces error message) created by anonymous
When I click on the Profile/Settings? (admin) I get the following error …
08:13 Ticket #424 (Error message when adding Picture to GOE) created by anonymous
When adding a picture to a Node, I get the following error message. …


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Add more Ubuntu-specific information for locales (diff)


00:08 Ticket #423 (Redirection problems with Kamikaze) created by miguelcma
 free javascript hosting


19:24 Ticket #422 (Hello, I am a building administrator in America and have problems recently ...) closed by benoitg
invalid: They ARE there, and we did see what you typed. But we have dayjobs, and …
18:27 Ticket #422 (Hello, I am a building administrator in America and have problems recently ...) created by elliotbkrnyc@…
Evening, I a liaison for nycwireless.net, and I was wondering if you can …


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16:00 Ticket #402 (please beware of these MAC Addresses) closed by benoitg
duplicate: Duplicate of #285
15:57 doc/developer/TrafficShapingIssues created by benoitg
Make this document available in a well formatted form
15:28 doc edited by benoitg
Link new doc (diff)


11:34 Ticket #331 (TrivialLanstring stripped content) closed by benoitg
worksforme: I can't reproduce anywhere with firefox. Was the bug in firefox, IE, or …
11:03 Ticket #394 (Paypal money paid for Wireless time possible?) closed by networkfusion
duplicate: Very nearly a duplicate, Please see Ticket #289 for details and use the …


20:56 FAQ edited by risc@…
ipt_mark is needed too. same symptoms. (diff)
16:31 Ticket #421 (Auth Server Capacity?) closed by drazzib
invalid: Hi, This bug tracking system is not designed for support or help request. …
12:30 Ticket #421 (Auth Server Capacity?) created by anonymous
This is not a bug... I have about 160 active nodes running on a dedicated …
12:00 Ticket #96 (Wifidog Gateway has hardcoded PHP URLs) closed by benoitg
fixed: This was fixed in [1243]


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Developer Personal Information.
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Added my information to the developer page (diff)
11:09 Ticket #290 (Installation error: unexpected T_ARRAY) closed by networkfusion
fixed: Beleive this would now be fixed with the latest Install script …
10:55 Ticket #362 (Trying to log in with an invalid user give a PHP Notice disrupting the ...) closed by networkfusion
09:35 Ticket #349 (Add automated install for FCKEditor) closed by networkfusion
09:35 Ticket #350 (Auth-serv installation error) closed by networkfusion


15:34 Ticket #420 (wifidog daemon receive null token, in first connection) created by wifidog@…
Hi, In first connection, after user create an account with signup.php, …
13:54 Ticket #42 (Node cannot be renamed) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [1324]
13:35 Ticket #227 (Owner can see network-wide statistics) closed by benoitg
fixed: Well, currently the owner can't really see any stats untill we comb …


13:30 Ticket #419 (Timed base users) created by mcaycedo@…
Hi, I have an Internet cafe and would like to know if WIFI Dog can be …
07:25 Ticket #418 (French Language not being parsed properly) created by jay_alpes
I've seen this with two clients : portal ok, then "create account" with …
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