17:51 Ticket #351 (wifidog and qos-script) reopened by anonymous
Hello It's a pity because a qos with wifidog appears really one to me …
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11:24 Ticket #351 (wifidog and qos-script) closed by benoitg
invalid: There is nothing we can do without knowing what qos script you user, and …
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07:12 Ticket #351 (wifidog and qos-script) created by denis
 free text hosting
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17:26 Ticket #350 (Auth-serv installation error) created by janderson@…
I get an error running install.php - PHP ERROR Version 5.0.0 needed - …
17:06 Ticket #349 (Add automated install for FCKEditor) created by dondruce@…
 upload javascript
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21:52 Ticket #348 (bad link on authentification portal) created by francois.rousseau.tech@…
At least on ISF server: When you go on the auth server …


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16:59 Ticket #347 (changing from uploaded file to remote url for node content generates ...) created by math@…
I changed from an uploaded image to a remote url for the content of a node …
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Remove completely misleading obsolete information (diff)


13:37 doc/developer/LanguageTranslation edited by benoitg
Update for new way to add translations (diff)
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Add link to firewall map (diff)
16:35 Ticket #346 (Node information designation can be confusing) closed by benoitg
invalid: There is ALREADY a node ID, and it's not the same as the gateway ID. …
16:11 Ticket #346 (Node information designation can be confusing) created by dondruce@…
We are a new startup group - MSF, so some things that may appear evident …
13:12 Ticket #345 (Allow CCing the validation email) created by dondruce@…
We (MSF) have found that many new users never receive their confirming …
11:44 Ticket #344 (Page Header does not show logo properly at times) closed by benoitg
worksforme: I double-check, and everywhere contend does wor with an unmodified SVN …
08:34 Ticket #344 (Page Header does not show logo properly at times) created by dondruce@…
On some of our sites, the logo in the header is not shown properly. It is …


23:50 Ticket #343 (Users confused by Login Screen) created by dondruce@…
After a series of observations of users logging in for the first time, at …
01:43 Ticket #342 (Allow ',' on authentification parameters) created by dc.ml@…
network_authenticator_params are split on ',' but sometimes whe need this …


20:50 Ticket #341 (Changer le lien pour le portail du CQSF) closed by benoitg
invalid: Vous pouvez changer le wiki vous-même
14:49 Ticket #341 (Changer le lien pour le portail du CQSF) created by gilbert_fafard@…
Validé le lien du portail du Centre du Québec sans fil en changeant …


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11:48 Ticket #340 (Change Gateway ID to Node ID on my Captive Server for testing.) closed by benoitg
invalid: Please read http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/Contact%20/%20Support for the …
10:50 Ticket #340 (Change Gateway ID to Node ID on my Captive Server for testing.) created by dondruce@…
The attached JPEG is safe. This is probably not the proper method of …
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Merge wifidog protocol v1 docs in a single page
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08:14 Ticket #337 (Patch for UIUserList_getUserUI.tpl static text) created by blue@…
UIUserList doesn't use locales: Attaching output of: for i in `find …
05:34 Ticket #336 (Swedish translation) created by blue@…
Hello, I've posted this to the mailinglist aswell, but I found a document …


00:21 Ticket #332 (wdctl restart cause 3 new file descriptors to be created each time) closed by benoitg
fixed: Commited in [1241], thanks!
00:21 Ticket #321 (Allow making wifidog wait forever for detecting default gateway.) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [1241]


15:02 Ticket #335 (installion service required) closed by benoitg
invalid: These types of inquiry should be sent on the mailing list, not on the bug …


08:15 Ticket #335 (installion service required) created by tony@…
Can you please recommend someone who can install wifidog on our unix …


09:18 Ticket #136 (Add uploading and downloading tar.gz theme packs for the theme manager) closed by benoitg
wontfix: This is no longer as usefull now that we have the Stylesheet content type. …


21:31 Ticket #280 (Add "User activity report") closed by benoitg
fixed: Implemented in [1237]


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Updating as I go… (diff)


16:25 Ticket #334 (BASE_NON_SSL_PATH problems when port other than 80) closed by benoitg
fixed: Applied in [1240], thanks!


12:20 Ticket #334 (BASE_NON_SSL_PATH problems when port other than 80) created by tdb@…
Hi, I am new to this so feel free to kick me if I am going about this in …


17:24 Ticket #333 (GatewayInterface) closed by benoitg
duplicate: #257
17:16 Ticket #333 (GatewayInterface) created by anonymous
HELLO It would be interesting to be able to specify several interface in …


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10:38 doc/developer/LoginProtocol created by simon@…
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05:22 Ticket #332 (wdctl restart cause 3 new file descriptors to be created each time) created by bigup
Hi, i work with Medea which with we posted Ticket: #324 We have wifidog …
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