15:02 Ticket #335 (installion service required) closed by benoitg
invalid: These types of inquiry should be sent on the mailing list, not on the bug …


08:15 Ticket #335 (installion service required) created by tony@…
Can you please recommend someone who can install wifidog on our unix …


09:18 Ticket #136 (Add uploading and downloading tar.gz theme packs for the theme manager) closed by benoitg
wontfix: This is no longer as usefull now that we have the Stylesheet content type. …


21:31 Ticket #280 (Add "User activity report") closed by benoitg
fixed: Implemented in [1237]


22:11 doc/developer/UserRolesArchitecture edited by benoitg
19:46 doc/developer/UserRolesArchitecture edited by benoitg
Updating as I go… (diff)


16:25 Ticket #334 (BASE_NON_SSL_PATH problems when port other than 80) closed by benoitg
fixed: Applied in [1240], thanks!


12:20 Ticket #334 (BASE_NON_SSL_PATH problems when port other than 80) created by tdb@…
Hi, I am new to this so feel free to kick me if I am going about this in …


17:24 Ticket #333 (GatewayInterface) closed by benoitg
duplicate: #257
17:16 Ticket #333 (GatewayInterface) created by anonymous
HELLO It would be interesting to be able to specify several interface in …


10:44 doc/developer/FlowDiagram edited by simon@…
10:38 doc/developer/LoginProtocol created by simon@…
10:32 doc/developer/FlowDiagram edited by simon@…
05:22 Ticket #332 (wdctl restart cause 3 new file descriptors to be created each time) created by bigup
Hi, i work with Medea which with we posted Ticket: #324 We have wifidog …


11:05 doc/developer/ClientProtocol edited by anonymous


15:29 Ticket #331 (TrivialLanstring stripped content) created by pascal@…
If you create a TivialLanstring? with this content (only one single quote …


12:34 doc/developer/PortalCustomization edited by benoitg
Big update (diff)


16:37 Ticket #330 (When sending counter data to auth server, auth server can turn off user) created by shunt010@…
Hi there. It seems at the moment when the counters are being updated to …
14:43 Ticket #329 (Support MAC based content management) created by shunt010@…
Wifidog would make an absolutely fantastic captive portal system that …
09:40 Ticket #328 (pppoe does not work on wifidog) closed by benoitg
worksforme: PPPOE is used at hundred's of sites. From your description your router …


21:09 Ticket #328 (pppoe does not work on wifidog) created by bfrechette@…
good day, i'm a technician at zap quebec in quebec city, i have a problem …


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Design update (diff)
15:21 TracIni edited by trac
10:48 Ticket #266 (Auth server chops get parameters from the get request of the initial URL) closed by benoitg
worksforme: Something is wrong in your checkout, you may want to start with a clean …
10:41 Ticket #327 (Esp protocole) closed by benoitg
invalid: Wifidog won't interfere if your firewall is configured to pass IPSEC …
10:04 Ticket #327 (Esp protocole) created by koalabang@…
Hi, it 's possible to add vpn protocole like esp in fw wifidog ? thinks


23:18 doc/install/debian edited by gcrumb@…
Leaving the INTERFACES value blank in /etc/default/dhcp causes failure in … (diff)


16:28 Ticket #266 (Auth server chops get parameters from the get request of the initial URL) reopened by florida
hello I compiled the last sources and I had this message. then mv -f …


10:23 Contact / Support edited by KrysKool
just a mistake ;) (diff)


16:18 Ticket #266 (Auth server chops get parameters from the get request of the initial URL) closed by benoitg
fixed: Should be fixed in [1236]
16:17 Ticket #324 (Wdctl restart bug) closed by benoitg
fixed: Oups, fixed in [1236]
08:22 Ticket #324 (Wdctl restart bug) reopened by Medea
There is another missing "len = sizeof(sa_un)" for the accept function on …


12:32 Ticket #326 (A hotspot proprietary should be able to enter hotspot coverage information) created by freechelmi
This could be done in several ways such as uploading a CSV list of GPS …


08:52 doc/developer/LanguageTranslation edited by benoitg


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09:30 PhilippeApril created by papril
My website..
01:02 Ticket #325 (Install.php doesn't validate initial wifidog password properly) created by golden_rock@…
The problem is simple: when I installed wifidog with install.php, I set a …
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