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My website..
01:02 Ticket #325 (Install.php doesn't validate initial wifidog password properly) created by golden_rock@…
The problem is simple: when I installed wifidog with install.php, I set a …


19:02 Ticket #324 (Wdctl restart bug) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [1227], thanks Medea
02:57 Ticket #324 (Wdctl restart bug) created by Medea
Hey, Found a bug when calling wdctl restart (cf. wdctl_thread.c) The bug …


19:31 Ticket #323 (SplashOnly & Portal Template still showing 'I am not logged in') created by frederico@…
I think I've found a small bug at the Portal Template of Wifidog when the …


21:34 Ticket #322 (Multiple auth servers-- 1 Network) created by a7a93524@…
Is there any way to set up multiple auth Servers on one network and let …


11:59 Ticket #321 (Allow making wifidog wait forever for detecting default gateway.) created by benoitg
If for some reason the upstream network is down for an extended period, …


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Some docs on actually setting up profiles (diff)


15:32 Ticket #320 (Browser language detection problem) created by benoitg
Tested with IE6: en-ca as the prefered language will not fallback to …


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WIP (diff)
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WIP (diff)
17:11 Ticket #319 (Certificate authentication) closed by benoitg
wontfix: No


08:16 Ticket #319 (Certificate authentication) created by SpH1nX
Hi, is possible to authenticate using X509 certificates?


18:28 doc/developer/TokenArchitecture edited by benoitg
Update (work in progress) (diff)
14:22 Ticket #318 (MAC-address-based identification) closed by benoitg
duplicate: You can use TrustedMACList for this in wifidog.conf. If you want it on …


23:52 Ticket #318 (MAC-address-based identification) created by evan@…
It would be great if I could assign a particular MAC address to my user …
10:33 Ticket #317 (problem with email validating) closed by benoitg
invalid: I missed you on IRC. Seems you didn't put a valid from address in …
05:43 Ticket #317 (problem with email validating) created by nvp.online@…
 upload text [ http://www.pharmacieenfrance.fr


17:46 Ticket #316 (install.php) created by services (at) eaglelink (dot) net
I am having a problem with the install php, I get to after "Database …
01:55 Ticket #299 (Hotspots show multiple instances of individuals at a node) closed by benoitg
worksforme: Closing, need confirmation this happens on latest SVN and stadard …
01:49 Ticket #292 (Timeout regression in gateway SVN) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [1223]


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13:35 Ticket #314 (Want to try it out) closed by benoitg
invalid: Well... click download on the left menu on the website.
11:05 Ticket #315 (wifidog translation problem) created by nvp.online@…
i`m having problems with new translations. when i add a new translation …


15:32 Ticket #314 (Want to try it out) created by jano_023@…
:D Hi! I would like to try out the softwear...thx Jano
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