23:32 Ticket #291 (I'm getting an Unable to fing the default network! error after creating ...) created by support@…
Administration account Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with …
17:19 doc/developer/FlowDiagram edited by Pascal Leclerc
Added image macro (diff)
15:51 Ticket #290 (Installation error: unexpected T_ARRAY) created by pk at neueon dot com
 paste css [ http://www.pharmacieenfrance.fr
15:36 Ticket #68 (Chat system: to allow to communicate with other connected people.) closed by benoitg
fixed: This is now possible, with additional software, using a SmartyTemplate?
10:14 Ticket #289 (Support the "Free tokens tied to purchase" model) created by stricjux@…
This is the "Free tokens tied to purchase" model, see …
09:34 doc/install/rhes/auth-server edited by pk@…
slight typo (diff)


16:20 Ticket #288 (To remove the user's of the login name.) closed by max-horvath
wontfix: This is already possible. You just need to edit the login template and …
12:07 Ticket #288 (To remove the user's of the login name.) created by denis@…
We preferred to remove the user of the login. Is it possible to …


23:14 Changeset [1176] by benoitg
* dump_initial_data_postgres.sh: Initial node wasn't setup correctly. * …


14:09 Changeset [1175] by benoitg
* Updated french translation curtesy of  http://zapquebec.org
13:33 doc/developer/LanguageTranslation edited by benoitg
Add instruction to update an existing translation (diff)
13:11 doc/install/openwrt edited by benoitg


23:45 doc/install/auth-server edited by benoitg
Removesome misleading info (diff)
00:55 Changeset [1174] by fproulx
2007-01-16 François Proulx <francois.proulx@…> * …
00:38 Ticket #282 (Problem with Node::getCurrentNode()) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [1173]
00:34 Changeset [1173] by benoitg
* SmartyWifidog?.php: Fix #282 with a slightly dirty workround to the …


21:26 Changeset [1172] by benoitg
* Add new SimpleString? content type
20:06 Ticket #70 (Add a proper user accounts manager) closed by benoitg
fixed: Implemented as of [1171]
20:02 Changeset [1171] by benoitg
Unsaved file file
20:00 Changeset [1170] by benoitg
* It is now possible for an administrator to manually validate or lock-out …
18:49 Changeset [1169] by benoitg
* A few more steps towards a real user manager * Move password change to …


23:13 Changeset [1168] by benoitg
* Sync initial schema and translations * Minor spelling fixes
02:59 Changeset [1167] by benoitg
* Content.php: Make hasDisplayableMetadata() consider Authors, and make it …


23:24 doc/auth-server/ContentManagerTutorial edited by benoitg
Add two remote site integration example, reformat (diff)
22:31 doc edited by benoitg
22:30 ContentDistributionSystem edited by benoitg
Document SmartyTemplate? and ShoutBox? (diff)
22:07 ContentDistributionSystem edited by benoitg
Now up to date (diff)
01:44 Ticket #287 (pear RADIUS dependency) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [1166]
01:43 Changeset [1166] by benoitg
* Dependencies.php, AuthenticatorRadius?.php: Fix bug #287 (Dependencies …


21:08 Changeset [1165] by benoitg
* Content.php: Add setUserUIMainDisplayContent() and …


21:24 Ticket #287 (pear RADIUS dependency) created by Thus0
Hi, with rev 1151, radius backend does not seem to work anymore because …
10:57 MaxHorvath edited by max-horvath
Updated information about Max Horvath … (diff)
10:47 Max Horvath (December 2006).jpg attached to MaxHorvath by max-horvath


18:33 Ticket #286 (Moving wiffdog to Solaris X86) created by david.clack@…
Hi, I've gotten wifidog to build on Solaris 10 X86. It segfaults right …
10:06 doc/upgrade/AuthenticationServerUpgrade created by gabriel.hahmann@…
Based on an email of Benoit Grégoire
09:46 doc edited by gabriel.hahmann@…
Based on an email of Benoit Grégoire (diff)
04:54 Ticket #74 (Gateway doesn't properly firewall off ports other than 80) closed by benoitg
fixed: All right, this bug must have been the most ill-defined bug in the history …


21:14 doc/developer/UserProfiles edited by benoitg


18:21 Ticket #285 (MAC Address Blacklist) created by anonymous
 free css hosting [ http://www.pharmacieenfrance.fr
14:47 WikiStart edited by benoitg
13:48 doc/developer/UserProfiles edited by benoitg
Update to future-proof the data model (diff)
13:25 Ticket #284 (Which distro is best) closed by benoitg
invalid: Not only is this a question, not a ticket, but assigning a priority of …


23:17 Ticket #284 (Which distro is best) created by yogesh@…
Hi, I am installing wifi auth server on fedora core 4 but problem is …


22:45 Changeset [1164] by benoitg
* page.php: Fix missing retrieval of DB instance.
22:30 Changeset [1163] by benoitg
* FormSelectGenerator?.php: Fix incorrect $this reference in isPresent(). …
18:15 Ticket #283 (Google map points are a bit off) created by Gabe Sawhney <gabe@…>
The pins in the Google Map show up a few pixels too low -- this isn't a …


18:51 Changeset [1162] by benoitg
* Documentation update in the code * Released 1.1.3_beta6


16:07 Ticket #282 (Problem with Node::getCurrentNode()) created by benoitg
The recent Smarty centralization exposed a rather complicated bug with the …
12:57 doc/developer/TokenArchitecture created by benoitg
Future token architecture
12:29 doc edited by benoitg


19:45 Changeset [1161] by benoitg
* Fix bug where num online users in the portal was broken.
19:29 Changeset [1160] by benoitg
* Cache.php: Performance optimization when caching is disabled.
19:28 Ticket #281 (Number of online users on the portal page is wrong) created by fproulx
The number of online users displayed on the portal page (left) is often …
17:49 Changeset [1159] by benoitg
* Yet more Smarty cleanup, add some docs, add Smarty variables to access …


19:02 Changeset [1158] by fproulx
2007-01-02 François Proulx <francois.proulx@…> * Updated the SQL …


14:32 Ticket #157 (New content type: Smary template) closed by benoitg
fixed: Implemented in [1156]
14:30 Changeset [1157] by benoitg
* More Smarty cleanup * Content.php: Bugfix: metadata wasn't deleted …
00:25 Changeset [1156] by benoitg
* install.php: Move path verification to the first page, and make it …


14:13 Ticket #280 (Add "User activity report") created by benoitg
This report would try to break down the acvtivity levels of your user …
14:02 Ticket #279 (Add "Validation ratio over time" report) created by benoitg
This report would be used to determine if your users validation ration are …
13:56 Ticket #278 (Add "Untill clickthrough" display option) created by benoitg
Add an option for Content group not to show an element once the user has …
13:37 Ticket #277 (Billing) closed by benoitg
invalid: Note that this is a question, and should have gone to the mailing list. …


01:21 Ticket #277 (Billing) created by develop@…
 free javascript hosting


14:35 Ticket #270 (Auth Server Installation - php 5.2.0 problem) closed by benoitg
fixed: I fixed all PHP 5.2 compatibility issues I could find in [1155]. However, …
14:34 Changeset [1155] by benoitg
* Fix all PHP 5.2 compatibility issues I could find. This needs further …
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