14:56 Ticket #259 (Internet Explorer - Recover Username/Password Error) closed by benoitg
fixed: This has waited far too long. Worked around in [1142] by commenting out …
14:13 Ticket #146 (add the possibility to add right to user to add a new node) closed by benoitg
duplicate: This is for all intents and purpose a duplicate of #9
13:53 Ticket #156 (Make RSS aggregator display more customizable) closed by benoitg
fixed: Implemented in [1131]
13:53 Ticket #48 (RssAgregator: Nothing shown if there is no title in the feed) closed by benoitg
fixed: Probably fixed in [1131] (i would need a new test case to check.
13:49 Ticket #47 (RssAgregator doesn't parse atom dates properly) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed (upstream) in [1131]


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15:57 Ticket #271 (Distinguish by mac adress seem broken) created by pascal.charest@…
On ISF-Auth server: log as an administrator, go in statistics, use …
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20:03 Ticket #268 (Gateway doesn't properly log out users after they leave the AP) closed by benoitg
fixed: Should be fixed in [1123]
20:03 Ticket #269 (Users are not logged out automatically after the gateway crashed or was ...) closed by benoitg
fixed: Should be fixed in [1123]
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Try to catch all display: none attempts (diff)
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18:14 Ticket #267 (Memory exhaustion in PHP) closed by benoitg
worksforme: EventLogging? causes extensive problems for many people (including the …
15:55 Ticket #270 (Auth Server Installation - php 5.2.0 problem) created by andrew@…
I was trying to install the auth server and when I got to the …
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First draft, new roles and permission architecture
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12:40 Ticket #269 (Users are not logged out automatically after the gateway crashed or was ...) created by lbc@…
Users are not logged out automatically after the gateway crashed or has …
12:37 Ticket #268 (Gateway doesn't properly log out users after they leave the AP) created by lbc@…
The gateway SW sometimes doesn't properly logout users after they leave …
12:34 Ticket #267 (Memory exhaustion in PHP) created by lbc@…
This is caused by the EventLogging? class: Fatal error: Allowed memory …


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Hopefully answer all your questions about wifidog, wispr and radius
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Changes to edit the S45firewall step on a the WRT/Readonly filesystem (diff)
17:17 Ticket #266 (Auth server chops get parameters from the get request of the initial URL) created by benoitg
That means that the "Use the Internet" link won't work properly on GET …
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Pull ticket best practices from the mailing list, feel free to …
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Early draft of the content manager tutorial
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fixed: Fixed in [1121]
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