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A few more links, and talk a little about WPA (diff)
19:20 doc/developer/WiFiDogRadiusWISPr created by benoitg
Hopefully answer all your questions about wifidog, wispr and radius
19:08 doc edited by benoitg
Reorganize and add RADIUS and WISPr docs (diff)
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Changes to edit the S45firewall step on a the WRT/Readonly filesystem (diff)
17:17 Ticket #266 (Auth server chops get parameters from the get request of the initial URL) created by benoitg
That means that the "Use the Internet" link won't work properly on GET …
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Grrr, guess we have to dissalow anything talking about poker (diff)


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add online poker (diff)


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Add some more detail (diff)
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22:47 TicketBestPractices created by benoitg
Pull ticket best practices from the mailing list, feel free to …
21:59 doc/auth-server/ContentManagerTutorial created by benoitg
Early draft of the content manager tutorial
21:54 doc edited by benoitg
Remove docs hosted at maxspot that are no longuer available. Add new … (diff)
02:12 Ticket #238 (Config file location is hardcoded) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [1121]


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14:51 CalebPhillips created by CalebPhillips
introduce myself
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13:43 Ticket #190 (EmbeddedContent is broken) closed by benoitg
fixed: Probably fixed in [1118], unless this was a different problem. Please …


16:39 Ticket #253 (Code to disable clickthrough redirect for specified URLs) closed by benoitg
wontfix: No reply
16:37 Ticket #254 (Full Spanish Translation) closed by benoitg
fixed: Commited in [1118]
16:25 Ticket #250 (Problem with mail translation in cron/page.php) reopened by benoitg
16:25 Ticket #250 (Problem with mail translation in cron/page.php) closed by benoitg


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10:38 Ticket #203 (Easy install with a debian package) closed by benoitg
06:02 Ticket #42 (Node cannot be renamed) reopened by freechelmi
I repoen it because this problem occurs in another situation, If a node …


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Hopefully start twarting spam
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pg_hba.conf security "fix" (diff)
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Added pg_sql security "fix" (diff)


20:12 Ticket #265 (To many close tags in "import_user_database.php") closed by prospere
20:11 Ticket #265 (To many close tags in "import_user_database.php") created by prospere
line 261 : $html .= "</div>\n"; $html .= …
19:44 Ticket #264 (Missing </div> tag on user_log.html) closed by prospere
19:43 Ticket #264 (Missing </div> tag on user_log.html) created by anonymous
{if $pages} <div> Page: {section name=i loop=$pages} <a {if …
17:55 Ticket #263 (owner_display.html : HTML Input tag not closed) closed by prospere
17:48 Ticket #263 (owner_display.html : HTML Input tag not closed) created by prospere
17:41 Ticket #71 (Unset variables : date_from & date_to) closed by prospere
17:32 Ticket #251 (SQL request ambigous in Statistics.php) closed by prospere


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Link to profile design doc (diff)
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Added missing paranthese (diff)
19:12 doc/developer/UserProfiles created by benoitg
At last, user profile basic design documentation
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11:58 structural_layout_wifidog.pdf attached to doc/developer/PortalCustomization by benoitg
11:58 structural_layout_wifidog.odg attached to doc/developer/PortalCustomization by benoitg
11:57 doc/developer/PortalCustomization created by benoitg
Restore page mistakently deleted as part of SPAM cleanup


16:35 Ticket #262 (Compatibilité) closed by benoitg
invalid: Oui, si vous y installez une version de Linux
16:34 Ticket #260 (Problem for to install WifiDog on FC5) closed by benoitg
invalid: Not a bug. Send this question to a Fedora support forum.
16:33 Ticket #261 (Problem for to install WifiDog on FC5) closed by benoitg
invalid: Not a bug. Send this question to a Fedora support forum.
11:24 Ticket #262 (Compatibilité) created by martinlebel@…
Est ce que ton kit fonctionne sous le Linksys WRT54G version 6 ? -Martin
04:07 Ticket #261 (Problem for to install WifiDog on FC5) created by Yacine B.
Hi, XmlDom? library is require by WifiDog to run well. But it's impossible …
03:59 Ticket #260 (Problem for to install WifiDog on FC5) created by Yacine B.
Hi, XmlDom? library is require by WifiDog to run well. But it's impossible …


20:24 Ticket #255 (Wifidog Auth Server on NSLU2?) closed by benoitg
invalid: This should be sent to the mailing list, this isn't a support forum.
05:26 Ticket #259 (Internet Explorer - Recover Username/Password Error) created by jaime.fordham@…
 paste css [ http://www.pharmacieenfrance.fr
00:30 Ticket #258 (Add "both" option for node content configuration) created by dana
There's gateway, portal, and everywhere. But there should be an option for …
00:29 Ticket #257 (Add multi-interface support to the gateway) created by dana
I'd like to run a few nodes with multiple radios, and would like a single …


17:40 Ticket #256 (Create a "test email" or "resend validation" button on the user admin page) created by dana
If you are looking at a user via the admin screen, you should be able to …


10:30 Ticket #255 (Wifidog Auth Server on NSLU2?) created by jestevens@…
Does anyone know if there has been an attempt to turn an UNSLUNG NSLU2 …
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