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10:56 Ticket #215 (install.php depends on posix extension) created by darrin@…
 upload javascript


08:06 Ticket #212 (Enable gatewayinterface for all interfaces in a non-bridged router setup) created by berry [dot] groenendijk [at] gmail [dot] com
If you are using Mesh routing software, like OLSR, on a router it is …


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link to wifidog openwrt backport (diff)
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14:38 Ticket #206 (Block Ports network wide) created by anonymous
14:24 Ticket #205 (Persistant content) created by anonymous
drop the persistant content in favor of the message do you want to delete …
14:23 Ticket #204 (Default nodes) created by anonymous
remove the default node setup from config.php and make it just say "no …
14:21 Ticket #203 (Easy install with a debian package) created by anonymous
Make an easy install with a debian package
13:22 Ticket #202 (AvatarContent incomplete, no is persistant button) created by mav8989@…
I just downloaded the latest version of wifi dog and i think im not …


12:44 Ticket #196 (admin/hotspot_location_map.php bug fix) closed by fproulx
fixed: This has already been fixed about 2 months ago ! I modified the code to …
01:11 Ticket #196 (admin/hotspot_location_map.php bug fix) created by taedoo@…
hotspot location map is old GMapAPI. I rewrite GMap2API's …


16:15 Ticket #194 ('The node 0000E26DCCE7 could not be found in the database!' Error ...) created by rcowper@…
The node 0000E26DCCE7 could not be found in the database! This error is …


04:45 Ticket #190 (EmbeddedContent is broken) created by fproulx
the EmbeddedContent? does not appear to work correctly.


18:38 Ticket #189 (Patch : remove debug output in Statistics.php) created by drazzib@…
Hi, The following patch remove unnecessary debug output in …
08:58 Ticket #188 (Auth server : doesn't work with ipv6 conections) created by drazzib@…
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01:05 About edited by anonymous


15:54 Ticket #184 (Make statistics more printeable) created by benoitg
Currently, it is not possible to print statistics without the left menu. …
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10:52 Ticket #180 (Spanish messages.po of UNITEC Portal) created by jguevara@…
Hi all, I'm submitting the spanish translation of the UNITEC Portal, this …
07:10 Ticket #179 (Automatically email usage reports to owner of node) created by dana
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