10:52 Ticket #180 (Spanish messages.po of UNITEC Portal) created by jguevara@…
Hi all, I'm submitting the spanish translation of the UNITEC Portal, this …
07:10 Ticket #179 (Automatically email usage reports to owner of node) created by dana
 free javascript hosting


19:58 WikiStart edited by benoitg
Made page read-only to stop people with no life from editing it. (diff)


20:38 In the Press edited by Pascal Leclerc
15:33 In the Press edited by benoitg
Pourquoi enlever l'article sur FON? Parce que son traitement de wifidog … (diff)
15:30 In the Press edited by benoitg
Remis l'article de wired, avec le bon URL (diff)
14:56 In the Press edited by Pascal Leclerc
Lien mort - 404 Not found (diff)
14:54 In the Press edited by Pascal Leclerc
Cet article ne parle pas de Wifidog, mais de FON (diff)
12:43 Ticket #178 (Dependency on 'date_format' Smarty plugin) created by benoitg
 paste css [ http://www.pharmacieenfrance.fr


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21:44 doc/admin/PortalAdministration edited by disasm@…
Formatting (diff)
21:43 doc/admin/PortalAdministration edited by disasm@…
formatting (diff)
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21:26 doc/admin/PortalAdministration edited by anonymous
21:26 doc/admin/PortalAdministration edited by disasm@…
21:25 doc/admin/PortalAdministration edited by disasm@…
Added a rough draft of what is done for adding content (diff)
15:19 doc/install/openwrt edited by disasm@…
Dependency not listed in documentation (diff)


13:30 Ticket #177 (Write unit tests for critical modules) created by fproulx
unit tests should be written for authentication, login, Statistics etc…


17:27 doc/developer/HotspotStatusXMLSchemaDefinition created by fproulx
17:13 doc edited by anonymous
17:12 doc edited by fproulx


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23:07 Ticket #175 (Suggested change to fix SQL error for Connection Log) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [1075]
22:34 Ticket #165 (Allow renaming of a node-id) closed by benoitg


02:38 Ticket #176 (when i am logging in admin the account i can't edit anythink like ...) created by laurent2b_wlan@…
we have auth wifidog on an debian sarge testing with apache2 postgres8.1 …


17:34 Ticket #175 (Suggested change to fix SQL error for Connection Log) created by anonymous
Index: wifidog/classes/Statistics.php …


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17:06 doc/developer/SupportingDevicesWithNoWebBrowser created by benoitg
New explanation and design document
16:14 doc edited by benoitg
16:09 doc edited by benoitg
15:21 doc edited by benoitg
06:05 Ticket #174 (Node Content in position 'Everywhere' does not display) created by anonymous
I am runing the 1074 version of the Auth Server. When Node content is …


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12:19 MichaelLenczner created by anonymous
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01:35 Ticket #173 (I can't delete contents from ContentGroup class) created by taedoo@…
I can delete and edit any content. But I can't delete ContentGroupElement?
00:49 Ticket #172 (Error while trying to view user logs) created by ronit@…
I am getting the following error messages when I browse to …
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