16:45 Ticket #168 (Digitally sign communication of gateway and server) created by max-horvath
 free text hosting
16:32 Ticket #167 (Allow filtering of available content types in various situations) created by max-horvath
The content admin UI could be made much easier for many users ... One …
13:57 Ticket #132 (no check for wget installation) closed by max-horvath
fixed: AS far as I know this bug has been fixed, as the installer doesn't use …
13:39 Ticket #166 (Add a mechanism for deactivate a node) created by max-horvath
While we have nice deployment statuses we should add another status / …
08:47 Ticket #165 (Allow renaming of a node-id) created by max-horvath
Right now you cannot rename the id of a node which has been active (i.e. …


17:52 Ticket #90 (Cannot upload picture when viewing admin in SSL) closed by benoitg
16:40 Ticket #164 (Allow "deleting" a user) created by benoitg
Actually deleting all traces of a user is seldom desirable, as it would …
16:36 Ticket #163 (Add an iCal client content type) created by benoitg
Similar to the RssAggregator?, an iCal client would be ideal for events.
16:35 Ticket #162 (Implementing the new user roles and permission architecture) created by benoitg
Implement the new architecture documented at …
16:33 Ticket #161 (Improve access control handling) created by benoitg
When an object throws an access control exception (due to session timeout …
15:37 Ticket #160 (Add TabbedContentGroup content type) created by benoitg
A tabbed content group will allow multi-page display of thematic content …
15:31 Ticket #159 (Implement filtering of content type trough callback functions) created by benoitg
This applies to both existing and new content. In the short term, this …
15:00 Ticket #158 (Replace remaining interface elements by "static" content types) created by benoitg
This will allow group to reposition or not display the user list, new …
14:59 Ticket #157 (New content type: Smary template) created by benoitg
This will allow us an easy way to add HTML using various standard …
14:40 Ticket #156 (Make RSS aggregator display more customizable) created by benoitg
Most importantly, allow all items to be expanded by default if so desired.
14:36 Ticket #155 (Finish removing static text from the HTML templates) created by benoitg
Remove static text from SVN (FAQ, accounts on this system are free, etc.) …
14:26 Ticket #126 (Ability to handle AnyIP or IP PnP) closed by benoitg
14:14 Ticket #120 (Newsletter for users) closed by benoitg
duplicate: This is a subset of thicket #122
14:10 Ticket #151 ("Undefined index: duration" in hotspot_status.php) closed by benoitg
fixed: I don't know ehen this was fixed, but it was definitely fixed.
14:08 Ticket #148 (Japanese messages.po complete file) closed by benoitg
14:04 Ticket #154 (Improve support for hotspot adopters/tech support) created by benoitg
An ISF priority to allow scaling. Partially implemented (server sends …
14:00 Ticket #153 (Add hover help to most element of the admin interface) created by benoitg
This is an ISF priority. Mechanic already pratially implemented by …
13:57 Ticket #152 (Allowing node content manager to override display of network defined ...) created by benoitg
Allowing node to override network wide content is a NYC wireless priority. …
10:42 Ticket #119 (Online Users page : Undefined index) closed by fproulx
10:40 Ticket #91 (Visual flaws on hotspot map in Internet Explorer) closed by fproulx
10:39 Ticket #7 (Refactor MainUI / Smarty templates usage) closed by fproulx
07:12 Ticket #151 ("Undefined index: duration" in hotspot_status.php) created by Thus0
Test case :  http://auth.wireless-fr.org/hotspot_status.php […] I've …
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10:30 Ticket #150 (Seperate Theme Packs for Admin Functions and Nodes) closed by benoitg
03:38 WifidogHttpOLSR.sh attached to doc/gateway-server/WifiDogAndOlsr by mmemeteau@…
the script itself with a correct name


06:49 Ticket #150 (Seperate Theme Packs for Admin Functions and Nodes) created by anonymous
I think there is a need to have seperate theme packs/layouts for the …


03:50 Ticket #149 (Add more trash mail services to the black list) created by max-horvath
Here are some more trash mail services we should be putting into the mail …


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06:05 Ticket #148 (Japanese messages.po complete file) created by Kim Tae Doo
I send complete file now. I adding some messages and correcting were some …


18:41 Ticket #147 (Allow each network to configure with which other networks they want to ...) created by kaouete
This will solve two problems: * Does not force every user of every …
17:59 Ticket #146 (add the possibility to add right to user to add a new node) created by kaouete
Hi, it would be cool to add the possibility for a network for example to …


01:53 Ticket #145 (Can't use FCKeditor) created by taedoo
I can't use FCKeditor. Can't seeing Tool bar image's. I watching source …


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Map (japanese)
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Login page screenshot
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Homepage screenshot
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Admin online users screenshot
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Admin page node search screenshot
02:42 Ticket #144 (Japanese messages.po) closed by fproulx
fixed: Added to [1068]
02:18 Ticket #142 (Japanese messages.po) closed by fproulx
02:18 Ticket #143 (Japanese messages.po) closed by fproulx
01:19 Ticket #144 (Japanese messages.po) created by taedoo
I wrote a Japanese messages.po file. It send now. Please put in the …
01:19 Ticket #143 (Japanese messages.po) created by taedoo
I wrote a Japanese messages.po file.<br> It send now.<br> Please put in …
01:13 Ticket #142 (Japanese messages.po) created by taedu@…
Hi,every One. I'm from Japan.and I wrote a Japanese messages.po file. I …


14:15 Ticket #89 (iTunes Podcasting synchronisation breaks when Wifidog is not yet ...) reopened by fortrel@…
I had the same problem happening to me two days ago with the latest …


15:33 Ticket #141 (Message d'erreur "ID noeud identique" non formatté) created by fifoude@…
Lors de la création d'un noeud avec un identifiant déjà existant, on …
13:21 Ticket #140 (Refactor Network->getAdminUI() to match look and feel of Node->getAdminUI) created by fproulx
Change getAdminUI in network to get the same CSS border styling etc…
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Warn about old sf snapshot (diff)


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added bit about Flickr (diff)


08:57 Ticket #41 (node_list.php:Shows '1' user on hotspot that are splash-only) closed by fproulx
fixed: Fixed in [1061]
08:37 Ticket #71 (Unset variables : date_from & date_to) closed by fproulx
fixed: This was fixed a long time ago. Make sure you are running the very latest …
08:17 Ticket #107 (Bug in preview of new TrivialLangstring objects) closed by fproulx
fixed: I tried today with a JS snippet on R1060 and it works fine.
08:10 Ticket #129 (ERROR: syntax error at or near "networks" at character 49) closed by fproulx
invalid: Huh, these guys are running "wifidog-auth-1.0.0_m2" which is the Sf.net …


20:34 Ticket #124 (Add Home Link when Logged In) closed by benoitg
duplicate: Duplicate of #4
20:31 Ticket #128 (Errors in entry in signup.php easy to miss) closed by benoitg
fixed: Errors for login no longuer lose context.
20:28 Ticket #102 (On LangString Content Item Editing Page, single and double quotes are ...) closed by benoitg
fixed: As far as I know, this is fixed
20:26 Ticket #53 (Allow users to change their username) closed by benoitg
20:25 Ticket #58 (Fix Network content admin) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed during the structural content overhaull
11:14 Ticket #139 (Install script doesn't check if PHP session support is enabled) created by anonymous
With starting, I have the following problem Fatal error: Call to …


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What we found worked to get the portal up. (diff)


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This scripts is tested and works well (diff)


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