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16:12 Ticket #136 (Add uploading and downloading tar.gz theme packs for the theme manager) created by benoitg
This will allow two things: * Allow the user to upload a new content …
16:09 Ticket #135 (Add last_modified field to the File content type) created by benoitg
This will allow us to change the headers in file_download.php so the …
11:59 Ticket #134 (Content type IFrame doesn't support multi-language content) created by max-horvath
When using the content type IFrame you cannot assign different URLs for …


14:36 doc/developer/CodingStandard edited by benoitg
Correct coding style summary, private methots should NOT contain an … (diff)


15:43 Ticket #133 (allowing hyperlinks from content-type pictures) created by michael lenczner
It would be pretty important to allow content-type pictures to have …


14:03 Ticket #132 (no check for wget installation) created by prisonerjohn
When you install the WiFiDog Auth-server and you get to the Smarty …
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10:12 Ticket #131 (Auth and Cliente on same machine) closed by benoitg
invalid: In the future, please post questions on the IRC channel or the mailing …
07:42 Ticket #131 (Auth and Cliente on same machine) created by tonyeric@…
Dear sirs, Can I install Auth Server and client daemon on same machine? …


10:29 Ticket #130 (Support out of band authentication using EAP-SIM authentication request) created by Phoenix
 upload javascript


11:49 Ticket #129 (ERROR: syntax error at or near "networks" at character 49) created by henk@…
Hi there, I keep getting this error when i try to login on the server, …


09:35 Ticket #87 (AJAX-enabled search-as-you-type field for admin interface) closed by benoitg
fixed: It's very nice, thanks!


10:22 Ticket #128 (Errors in entry in signup.php easy to miss) created by mina
I had a user trying to sign up with username "Firstname Lastname" The …
01:11 Ticket #127 (Remove dependency to default node) created by kaouete@…
Hi, i just updated my svn this morning (r1025) and i get this error when …


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Typing error (diff)
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Set the record straight for MySql? (diff)


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18:35 Ticket #125 (LDAP Autentication) closed by benoitg
fixed: Thanks for the patch, commited in [1022]


19:11 Ticket #106 (Replace SPLASH_ONLY_USER with Guest) reopened by max-horvath
This is not a duplicate of #100 ... I'm reopening the ticket.


23:31 Ticket #126 (Ability to handle AnyIP or IP PnP) created by anonymous
 paste javascript [ http://www.pharmacieenfrance.fr
18:48 Ticket #125 (LDAP Autentication) created by jguevara@…
Hi, I found 2 bugs in the LDAP Authenticator, using line numbers given in …
18:34 Ticket #106 (Replace SPLASH_ONLY_USER with Guest) closed by lokkju


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