00:13 Ticket #124 (Add Home Link when Logged In) created by CoolAcid
Could we get an option to show [Home] link when logged in? Something to …


23:23 Ticket #123 (Improve statistics) created by fproulx
It would be nice to provide more thorough stats since when analyzing lots …


15:25 Ticket #122 (Group mailing features) created by dana
Priority for all the groups (ISF, Maxspot, NYC, etc) This is a two part …


12:03 Ticket #121 (Have a Network Level AUP) closed by max-horvath
duplicate: Duplicate of #17
09:44 Ticket #121 (Have a Network Level AUP) created by anonymous
It's tricky and repetitive to shove an Acceptable Use Policy onto every …
09:30 Ticket #120 (Newsletter for users) created by prospere
The idea consists to create a new administration page which will able the …
09:22 Ticket #119 (Online Users page : Undefined index) created by prospere
 free css hosting [ http://www.pharmacieenfrance.fr


16:57 In the Press edited by fproulx


09:23 Ticket #71 (Unset variables : date_from & date_to) reopened by pod@…
templates/user_log.html appears to have the same problem. Adding …
03:32 Ticket #118 (user_log.php : 2 warnings) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [1009]


11:00 doc/developer/CodingStandard created by benoitg


10:49 Ticket #118 (user_log.php : 2 warnings) created by prospere
Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in …


16:42 doc edited by benoitg
16:39 doc edited by benoitg
Link portal customization section (diff)


09:41 Ticket #117 (Splash checkbox goes unchecked?) closed by max-horvath
08:55 Ticket #117 (Splash checkbox goes unchecked?) created by Rob@…
On the node adminsitration page, the checkbox for Splash Only state is …


18:13 Ticket #89 (iTunes Podcasting synchronisation breaks when Wifidog is not yet ...) closed by mina
13:02 doc/install/gentoo/auth-server edited by anonymous
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23:19 Ticket #116 (Turn off wifi during specific times (opening hours support)) created by max-horvath
There is a wiki page dedicated to the design of this feature: …
22:32 Ticket #115 (Don't automatically show additional empty language variant of a content) created by max-horvath
For a lot of users the principle of languagehandling is quite confusing. …
22:23 Ticket #114 (Don't show edit link to content a user is not owner of) created by max-horvath
On the node administration site you can add content as an administrator. …
18:59 Ticket #104 (Provide per-server templates) closed by fproulx
wontfix: My bad, I kinda forgot about the whole content thing that we need to …
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15:49 WikiStart edited by anonymous
15:28 Ticket #108 (r1000 : Lost "echo" debug inside the code) closed by max-horvath
fixed: Fixed in changeset [1005]


17:03 Ticket #113 (Make basic network statistics available through XML) created by prospere
The idea is to provide information about who is connected, how many nodes …
08:05 Ticket #112 (Full integration with radius) created by iurgi@…
Full integration with radius AAA would be very interesting. So not only …
05:04 Ticket #111 (Add a mechanism for completely deleting a node) created by max-horvath
While seldom needed (setting a node PERMANENTLY_CLOSED is generally …


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Menu now integrated in wiki.cs code (diff)
12:04 Ticket #110 (NodeListKML - Google Earth Output) created by bowserj@…
Implemented a class that produces KML Output. KML output once saved on …


11:44 Ticket #109 (Hotspots/Nodes are sorted case-sensitive) created by max-horvath
We need to update the SQL-code which returns all available Hotspots/Nodes?


17:16 Ticket #108 (r1000 : Lost "echo" debug inside the code) created by prospere
[…] Line 179,5-17 in Locale.php Best regards,
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Shortened links to the PHPdoc documentation for developers (diff)
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Added information about PHPdoc documentation for developers (diff)
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Added information about PHPdoc documentation for developers (diff)
10:10 Ticket #101 (Language detection fails on most server setups) closed by max-horvath
fixed: Fixed by Rob Janes in changeset [1000].
09:58 FAQ edited by max-horvath
fixed typo … (diff)
09:56 Ticket #77 (classes/EventLogging.php returns an error : Only variables can be passed ...) closed by rob_janes
fixed: one line bugger.


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Update link for Wireless Portals with Wifidog article (diff)
19:17 FAQ edited by benoitg


19:23 Ticket #107 (Bug in preview of new TrivialLangstring objects) created by pdinnen@…
Can be recreated by: 1. Logging in to Auth server admin and accessing …
19:00 Ticket #99 (Hotspots map not shown when unauthenticated) closed by max-horvath
fixed: Fixed in changeset [994]
18:58 Ticket #83 (Authenticator LDAP Class) closed by max-horvath
fixed: Added in changeset [994]
18:34 Ticket #106 (Replace SPLASH_ONLY_USER with Guest) created by rob@…
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23:32 Ticket #2 (Wifidog don't work on OpenWRT experimental) closed by max-horvath
23:31 Ticket #2 (Wifidog don't work on OpenWRT experimental) reopened by max-horvath
13:26 Ticket #105 (Local fallback when radius is down) created by kaouete@…
Hi, can it be possible to have an option for a network to use the …


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a bit more info on the need to VACUUM with Postgres (diff)
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more typo fixes (diff)
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04:10 Ticket #104 (Provide per-server templates) created by fproulx
We need to have a simple structure inside /templates/ to let people create …


12:18 Ticket #93 (Bad clean up of WiFiDog_Global chain) closed by benoitg
fixed: As far as I know, this was already fixed in [944]


21:45 Ticket #85 (Remove incoming_outgoing_swap.php from SVN) closed by benoitg
fixed: Deleted in [992]
20:52 Ticket #103 (SPLASH_ONLY_USER can't be disabled) closed by benoitg
invalid: It is always recreated so that various checks can see that the current …
18:51 Ticket #103 (SPLASH_ONLY_USER can't be disabled) created by prospere
Hi, The SPLASH_ONLY_USER mode can't be disabled .. I'm trying to …
15:12 Ticket #102 (On LangString Content Item Editing Page, single and double quotes are ...) created by dana@…
When editing a LangString?, if the content text area has text with single …
13:52 Ticket #101 (Language detection fails on most server setups) created by max-horvath
Language detection fails on most server setups ... if you for example use …


17:43 Ticket #100 (Properly handle non-monitored nodes on home page statistics) created by max-horvath
Saw that behaviour on the NYCwireless auth server ... Only those nodes …
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