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15:08 Ticket #82 (Node Administration Page : Geolocalization failed) created by Prospere
Geolocalization failed on the Administration page …
07:38 doc/install/auth-server edited by anonymous
info from rob janes about running cleanup (diff)


11:04 Ticket #81 (Google Map exact pinpoint location problem) created by Ray Gwinn
In the Node administration screen (edit mode), there is a button "Check …


22:19 FAQ edited by acv
I can logon, but when I click the start button I am sent back to the logon … (diff)
22:16 FAQ edited by acv
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13:58 Ticket #80 (Incorrect links in RSS feed) created by mina
The RSS feed showing new hotspots has a wrong URL in it that goes nowhere. …


12:34 doc/install/debian edited by Chris Rowson
Security hardening (diff)


19:57 Ticket #78 (by node local_content subdirectories dont seem to work) closed by benoitg
invalid: This is not a but, the only files that could be overrided by hotspot are …


07:08 Ticket #79 (error when uploading a picture and editing it.) created by kaouete@…
i get this error when i upload a content picture. Warning: pg_query() …
06:19 Ticket #78 (by node local_content subdirectories dont seem to work) created by kaouete@…
Hi, i have a node named node7. i created a directory named node7/ in the …
06:11 Ticket #77 (classes/EventLogging.php returns an error : Only variables can be passed ...) created by kaouete@…
The complete error : Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by …


07:33 Ticket #76 (TrustedMACList on auth server) created by ray@…
Is it possible to consider moving the TrustedMACList to the wifidog …


17:16 doc/gateway/WebInterface edited by Pascal Leclerc
Add Wifidog gateway screenshots (taken from Mina's web site) (diff)
12:54 doc/install/openwrt edited by Piero Disogra
there is a broken link on openwrt/ilsf download (diff)
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22:33 Ticket #74 (Gateway doesn't properly firewall off ports other than 80) created by benoitg
Test case: access  https://sf.net without authenticating. This bug is NOT …
22:30 Ticket #65 (Firewall destination whitelisting doesn't work for http) closed by benoitg
fixed: Fixed in [935]
19:19 doc/gateway/WebInterface created by benoitg
19:06 doc edited by benoitg
15:20 doc/gateway-server/WifiDogAndOlsr created by Prospere
15:12 doc edited by Prospere
03:49 Ticket #72 (Authentification : Login form is case sensitive) closed by fproulx
wontfix: Impossible to do that since passwords are hashed, an upper case vs lower …


16:13 Ticket #73 (HTML Content : "Is persistent" checkbox is allays checked) created by Prospere
The checkbox "Is persistent (reusable and read-only)?" is allays checked, …
14:28 Ticket #72 (Authentification : Login form is case sensitive) created by Prospere
The authenticition process is case sensitive for the login. It should be …


18:13 Ticket #71 (Unset variables : date_from & date_to) created by Prospere
These variables are not weel passed by "online_users.php" when you click …
17:43 Ticket #66 (Validation mail : validate.php path) closed by max-horvath
17:26 Ticket #62 (Missing HTML Tag : <ul>) closed by max-horvath
12:50 Ticket #70 (Add a proper user accounts manager) created by anonymous
Allow the network administrator to manage users. (Kick one off the …
11:36 Ticket #69 (GMaps : Map type preference support) created by Prospere
Google MAP doesn't contain all the map of the world ... For country like …
11:23 Ticket #68 (Chat system: to allow to communicate with other connected people.) created by Prospere
The idea is to add a chat pannel on the splash screen, to discuss directly …


21:29 Ticket #67 (Avatar content : Call to private method File::isLocalFile()) created by Prospere
When i try to add a new Avatar content an error occurs : Fatal error: …


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Remove redundant content and linked to specific wiki pages (diff)
15:09 FAQ edited by mina
Tweaking client FAQ (diff)
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10:44 WikiStart edited by anonymous
03:17 Ticket #66 (Validation mail : validate.php path) created by Prospere
The mail send for the validation, suppose that Wifidog is installed à the …


19:59 Ticket #65 (Firewall destination whitelisting doesn't work for http) created by benoitg
There seems to be problems with whitelisting an IP adress for TCP port 80 …
14:20 doc/auth-server/commonErrors edited by Prospere
04:25 Ticket #64 (Roaming support for the gateway) created by mikko@…
As the client moves from one hotspot to another, the new gateway could …


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23:37 doc/auth-server/commonErrors edited by max-horvath
23:36 doc/auth-server/commonErrors edited by max-horvath
23:35 doc/auth-server/commonErrors edited by max-horvath
Added information about fix of timezone error messages (diff)
02:54 Ticket #63 (Adding a new RSS content => foreach() error) created by Prospere
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …
02:52 Ticket #62 (Missing HTML Tag : <ul>) created by Prospere
Just after : <div class='tool_content'>
02:47 Ticket #61 ("Preview Network" Button) created by Prospere
On : /wifidog-auth/wifidog/admin/generic_object_admin.php Fatal error: …
01:06 WikiStart edited by benoitg
Everithing on tiki pages has moved, link removed. Some remaining in … (diff)
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Removed ! by mistake … (diff)
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Redirected ChangeLog files to our SVN server … (diff)
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00:10 Ticket #60 (French templates for FCKeditor must translated into french) closed by benoitg
invalid: Please, let's not open translation bugs, or we'll be swamped with them. …


23:34 Ticket #5 (Support for MySql 4.1 with InnoDb) closed by benoitg
wontfix: Multiple database support is no longer a core goal, after a clear majority …
23:13 Ticket #16 (SQLLite support) closed by benoitg
20:47 Ticket #60 (French templates for FCKeditor must translated into french) created by max-horvath
The templates XML file for FCKeditor in /templates/FCKeditor/templates …
16:18 FAQ edited by mina
Expanded on the WRT54G section from the old wiki (diff)
15:48 MinaNaguib created by mina
15:33 Ticket #59 (Common.php : array_map_recursive()) closed by benoitg
fixed: New fix in [905] confirmed as working.
13:38 Ticket #59 (Common.php : array_map_recursive()) created by Prospere
 upload text [ http://www.pharmacieenfrance.fr
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13:18 doc/admin/PortalAdministration edited by pjf@…
Just adding things that would be useful (diff)
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Simplify main page (diff)
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Partially reformat the FAQ (diff)
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Add FAQ for progressive slowdown problem (diff)


18:17 Ticket #2 (Wifidog don't work on OpenWRT experimental) reopened by MaxHorvath
I repeat - this problem hasn't been fixed for now if you're using a …
08:41 Ticket #58 (Fix Network content admin) created by fproulx
The Network admin page does not include the "Add new content: Content …


18:06 Ticket #57 (Use PHP5's autoload function to include files) created by MaxHorvath
We should switch to use the autoload() function of PHP 5. This will …


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Update for the move to SVN (diff)


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