16:05 Ticket #29 (schema_validate() call is misplaced) created by fproulx
16:02 Ticket #3 ("Show all available contents for this hotspot" broken in CVS) closed by fproulx
16:02 Ticket #28 (Radius logout is broken due to User::logout) closed by fproulx


07:53 Ticket #28 (Radius logout is broken due to User::logout) created by kakaouete


23:08 Ticket #22 (Support an Iframe Content type.) closed by fproulx
13:59 Ticket #23 (user profiles) closed by benoitg
11:31 Ticket #27 (Traffic shaping: Per user shaping) created by benoitg
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11:29 Ticket #26 (Traffic shaping: Monthly bandwith quota) created by benoitg
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11:21 Ticket #25 (Traffic shaping: Fair allocation between concurrent users) created by benoitg
A single user opening ten connections should have the same bandwidth as …
11:20 Ticket #24 (Traffic shaping: Interface shaping) created by benoitg
Avoiding latency spikes caused by concurrent users due to buffer …


23:53 Ticket #23 (user profiles) created by nobody
17:27 Ticket #22 (Support an Iframe Content type.) created by benoitg
17:21 Ticket #21 (A PHP gateway simulator) created by benoitg
A PHP interface speaking the gateway protocol to act as a development and …
17:20 Ticket #20 (Authentication "roaming") created by benoitg
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17:19 Ticket #19 (Per user MAC address whitelisting) created by benoitg
If enabled by the network, will allow a device with a specific MAC adress …
17:17 Ticket #18 (User profiles) created by benoitg
User profiles (Allowing every user to opt in to have a profile page, …
17:15 Ticket #17 (Disclaimer (terms of service) support.) created by benoitg
Explicit disclaimer (terms of service) support. This is essential for ISF, …
17:06 Ticket #16 (SQLLite support) created by benoitg
17:03 Ticket #15 (Make admin interface consistent) created by benoitg
17:00 Ticket #14 (Port all legacy code to the new abstractions) created by benoitg
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16:56 Ticket #13 (Support splash-only hotspots) created by benoitg
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16:49 Ticket #12 (Web-based install/config system) created by benoitg
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16:45 Ticket #11 (Runtime dependency detection) created by benoitg
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16:30 Ticket #10 (Add the concept of a "Venue".) created by benoitg
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16:26 Ticket #9 (Automatic new node creation) created by benoitg
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12:47 Ticket #8 (Support multiple networks simultaneously) created by benoitg
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12:22 Ticket #7 (Refactor MainUI / Smarty templates usage) created by benoitg
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12:10 Ticket #6 (SQL schema update unit test.) created by benoitg
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12:01 Ticket #5 (Support for MySql 4.1 with InnoDb) created by benoitg
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