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Access Denied

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Both servers work fine. Problem happen when user try to login auth server login page some times it work, but some time user try to logging to logging page top of the page display Access Dined massage in red back ground that time they can't goto Internet and redirect to logging page ( but he is still logging user). After waiting several minutes they can log perfectly and can browse Internet. I still can't figure out problem is gateway or auth server( This not happen every time).

I used Ubuntu 9.04 with updated software.

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I have the same problem.
I suspect postgres to be guilty.
When i delete manually the user, and the connection on the databse, users can log with any problems.

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I encountered the same problem, but for me, when I log using Firefox (3.6) and Google Chrome(7.0), i have the "Access Denied" message that is displayed while if i log using Internet Explorer (IE8) and Safari (5.0) i am correctly redirected to the internet page as wanted. But even if i have this message i can go to the internet, i am not really blocked to access internet.

Into the code of wifidog-auth i tried to see why i had this message, and I tested to edit in the file auth/index.php, the line 55: $auth_response=ACCOUNT_STATUS_DENIED into $auth_response=ACCOUNT_STATUS_ALLOWED to see what could happen. And after that edition, in Firefox I could log normally and been redirected to my Internet page.(i'did not test in Google Chrome but suppose it will act the same)

But I'm not sure about the possible securities'repercussions that could happen by leaving this line like that.

What could be the reason of that message?

Thanks in advance.

ps : i use the revision 1461 of the wifidog-auth project.

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