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iptables problem

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Changed 13 years ago by benoitg

Most likely, you have a missing kernel module. Is your wifidog compiled from source, and with what command are you starting wigidog?

Changed 13 years ago by neo

yes, I compiled it from source. I start wifidog with "/usr/local/bin/wifidog". With -f -d 7 it also says "iptables command failed". The last message is "The auth server said pong" Do you know which kernel module could be missing?

Changed 13 years ago by benoitg

the init.d script in wifidog/scripts/init.d will try to load them all. Try running it.

Changed 13 years ago by neo

that also does not work. I've tried it to start it via the init script, but the same errors appear on the screen. I customized it, that the path to iptables and wdctl is correct. My "pre" solution is to run "wdctl restart" via cronjob every hour, so that the logeed in users are not dropped and the iptables are active.

Changed 13 years ago by benoitg

But the init itself script didn't return any error?

Changed 13 years ago by benoitg

Also try manually running (as root) modprobe iptable_mangle

Changed 13 years ago by neo

no, the script returns the same errors, like wififog. I loaded the iptable_mangle to the kernel without any improvement.

Changed 13 years ago by herman

The messages you get on the start of the program are normal. To make sure no rules are still in the system due to a possible crash of the software, it starts out with removing them all. If you try to remove a rule that is not there, you get an error, hence the messages you get. It has no standing with the iptables being flushed later on.

Changed 12 years ago by nicaise

I have the same problem to install debian on WiFiDog nelly, I followed the tutorial: . / configure make & & make install

I was forced to copy the script in / usr / src / .... / src / wifidod to put in init.d to start it but me but the same message

Changed 12 years ago by jodoreps

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